Breaking The Fast

I had a very nice Yom Kippur yesterday.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a “meaningful fast.”  This actually was the best fast I’ve ever experienced.  It could be my new perspective on fasting during the high holy day.  The day seemed to go quickly with minimal thoughts of food.  Once the sun began to set, we headed to my grandparents’ along with the rest of my family to break the fast.  The evening began as we congregated to recite the blessings over the wine and challah.

After the blessings, we all ate like savage beasts filled our plates, took our seats, and dug in to the delicious food my grandmother worked so hard to prepare.  It was quite the spread, as it always is, and there was enough food to feed an army, as there always is.  Nobody went hungry.  Usually I stuff myself to the point of feeling sick because I am so hungry, but I did a little better with moderation this time.  Also, I wanted to make sure I saved room for the amazing dessert I made. #priorities

My dear sister, Stephanie, and I actually made the exact.same.dessert.  This happened once before and it was naturally a competition to see whose was better (mine was).  When it came time for dessert, Stephanie’s was missing.  (My family is known for taking plates of food and hiding them.)  I made her play the “hot – cold” game until she found it.  You know the one, “You’re getting warmer… warmer… nope, colder,” until she found herself in my grandpa’s closet.  Heh heh.

The dessert was cake batter blondies, and you know how I feel about the cake batter flavor!  I followed SCP – zilch.  Mine was much gooey-er while Stephanie’s was more cookie-like.  I’ll definitely be making it again as it totally and completely replicates the cake batter flavor!

By the end of the evening when our bellies were stuffed, Jonny was waiting so patiently while I helped my mom and grandma clean up.  But a day of fasting, and then making up for it during a decadent dinner and dessert is hard work!

First, he closed his eyes while reclining on the couch.  Then, my dad came and saw the opportunity to photo bomb.  When I came back later, Jonny was full-fledged asleep on the couch – green and orange Miami socks sticking out and all.

It was a lovely evening with delicious food.  Tomorrow will be lots and lots of water for me, as well as greens at every meal.  Time to get back to a regular schedule again.  Many thanks to my amazing and beautiful grandmother for preparing their house and cooking quite the feast.

Mama, you made this Yom Kippur as special as always.  I’m lucky to be a part of the best family ever and I cherish the time we spend together.

What are your family celebrations like?  Have you ever fasted for any reason?

47 thoughts on “Breaking The Fast

  1. Glad you had a meaningful fast, and a great meal with family to conclude it!

    I used to play the hot/cold game with matzah bread on Passover with my family! My mom would wrap it in a napkin and hide it around the house and my brother and I LOVED searching for it. Especially because we got to slather it in butter at the end 😀

  2. That’s so great that you had a meaningful fast 🙂 I actually really love reading about people’s traditions because it’s those kinds of things that I think really enrich our lives. I fast during Lent and around Easter, and our family celebrations are usually intimate and quiet because most of my family lives in Europe so it’s usually just me and my parents, but if we all get together, things get a little bit crazy lol.

    • I find it interesting to learn about other people’s traditions and religous celebrations, too! Hey, at least you have a really cool place to visit family members!! 🙂

  3. Happy Yom Kippur, love! I commend you for fasting…I could not have done it. But I am sure it just made that night spent with your family that much more enjoyable. I honestly do not know much about the Jewish faith, so lately I have been really enjoying reading about it via the blogs!

  4. Happy New Year (a week late)! The food looks delicious…. and that totally cracks me up that you and Stephanie made the same dessert. Excited to see everyone in a few weeks =)

    • Thanks, lady! 🙂 🙂 I feel the same when you post about your family! The dessert was seriously ridiculous. I brought the rest to school and my co-workers finished it off!

  5. I used to fast from food a lot more during my college years, but I must say it’s been awhile. I realized that I started using it as a way to lose weight. Now I try to fast from things that I spend a lot of unnecessary time on..for instance, I closed my facebook account for a whole year.
    Crazy that you and your sister made the same exact dessert!! You guys had no idea?! What are the chances! Oh man that must have been so hard to refrain from licking that spoon! We all know that’s the best part!!

    • Ok so my sister emailed me a different recipe for cake batter something like a week ago… but then a few days prior to Yom Kippur I asked her what she was making… and got no response! So I assumed she wasn’t making anything! At the same time, I found this amazing recipe so I made it. Then she accused me for being a thief! I told her it was her fault (plus she was just mad mine was better! ha)

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