STL Bloggers, Run, Kids, Food

Yup, that pretty much sums up my weekend.  STL Bloggers, Run, Kids, Food.  All of which are marvelous – just in time for Katie’s Marvelous Monday!

Here’s a play-by-play of my marvelous weekend:

Friday night:  Courtney from Journey of a Dreamer, Kara from Pocket Ranger, and I met for the first time.  We’re all St. Louis bloggers and were finally able to connect.  We’re hoping to grow our group and network with other bloggers in the area.  The evening began at Barcelona – a wonderful tapas restaurant with outdoor seating which we took full advantage of since it was so nice out.

We cheers-ed to finally meeting and ordered a variety of tapas including salmon, chicken, meatballs, broccolini, spinach and chickpeas.  The small portions were perfect for sharing and tasting.  After dinner, we decided to continue the fun at most bloggers’ favorite spot: a local frozen yogurt joint.

My cup was obviously overflowing with cake flavors and sprinkles.  Courtney told me she thought she got a lot… until she saw mine.  #sorryimnotsorry  We went to Orange Leaf which I had never been to before.  I absolutely loved all of the flavors I chose: cheesecake, wedding cake, oreo cookie cake, and white chocolate strawberry.  I may even say these were my favorite froyo flavors ever – which is saying a lot!  The funniest part of all was when we told the guy working that we were all healthy living bloggers, as we held our overflowing cups of goodness.  Hey, itz all about moderation (most of the time!).  All in all, it was a marvelous night!

All that froyo was well deserved because I woke up on Saturday morning, bright and early, to run with my trainer and the usual two guys.  We covered 9 miles.

I couldn’t be happier with the time!  We averaged an 8:33 pace.  I definitely had to push myself in order to keep up with the guys, but I did it and left with a marvelous feeling of accomplishment.

After running I went straight to pick up my nephew Jacob to take him to soccer practice.  He’s three and it was kind of the cutest thing ever.  I went home, showered, and later picked up Jacob and my niece Audrey.  We spent the day together playing Candyland, riding bikes, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

My baby lovin’ didn’t end there.  Saturday night was spent with my good friend Whitney and her baby Ainsley.  We had a marvelous evening.  Whitney cooked a delicious dinner and we had some quality girl time.

Audrey & Jacob up top; Ainsley & Whitney below

How cute are the kiddies?? (And Whitney!)  Sunday started off with a one-mile warm up jog followed by a bootcamp class at the gym.  I find it difficult to maintain strength training during my half-marathon schedule, so I value any time I can get lifting weights.  Later in the day I went grocery shopping, and then it was food prep time.

Left:  Three huge portions of rainbow salad for a few lunches this week.

Middle: Baked chicken breasts for lunches and dinners.

Right: Bob’s Red Mill Date Nut Bran Muffins.  I had the mix in my fridge that needed to be used up, so while I was in the kitchen I whipped up a batch.

Nothing like having lots of good, healthy food prepared for the week!  Certainly a marvelous feeling.  That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Tell me about yours!  What was the most marvelous part?

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  1. I love the Sunday meal prep! I do the same thing every Sunday and it really helps me throughout the week! That baby is the cutest! Loving her headband 😉 Way to go on the run that is a super fast pace!

    • I would always rather spend a little more time in the kitchen on Sunday when I actually have the time! Def makes the week go smoother! Isn’t that big ol’ pink headband adorable?! You know I’m a sucker for headbands!

  2. What a great weekend, love!! omg, I feel you on the fro yo thing.. I get the biggest cup size they have and totally over flow it. Nick was shocked one day because mine alone was over $9! hahaha! So cute you have a nephew – I have FOUR nieces and ONE nephew..and the 2 oldest are in HIGH SCHOOL! my nephew is a big bad ass football player, ha, or so he thinks. Nothing better than being an auntie 😉

    • Haha $9 IS impressive! Mine was $7 and I was like WOAH! So good work, girl!! That’s so funny… we have tons of boys in our family!! Audrey is the only girl out of like 10 grandchildren!! Being an auntie sure is fun! 🙂

  3. Ainsley has such big, beautiful eyes!!
    I ran my first half marathon yesterday and finished in 1:28:30 — definitely the most marvelous part of my weekend!
    I found it difficult to keep up strength training while half-marathon training too — instead, I went to the gym for less time and did “all around” workouts, it was very intuitive, listening to what my body felt like it wanted to work on. I would do one triple-drop set and move on. After the workout, I never felt super tired, but I would always feel some sort of DOMS the next day — much better than working a specific group to big fatigue when my body was already taxed to the max!!

    • 1:28?!?! HOLY COW that’s amazing!!!!! Congrats!! Yeah, when I do make it to the gym I do full body workouts since they are few and far between… and trust me, today I’m feelin’ it!!

  4. HOw exciting! I’d love to meet other fellow Austinite bloggers soon too! Your froyo does sound amazing! Can you make mine too?! Mine never turns out as exciting for some reason..I need to get more creative! Oh I love babies too! I have the baby fever these days..I had a great time in Cali! Great weather, delicious food, awesome company…

  5. Oooh. How fun!! Meeting bloggers is so fun. Love it. I haven’t had the chance to meet any from my home city, but I hope I come across some who blog here. I love how you just filled up that fro yo cup:)

  6. Hi Linz! Just came across your blog while browsing Katie’s MIMM page and thought I’d say hi! Love your energy and enthusiasm, and love your love of fro-yo 😀 I had my first blogger meetup this summer and it was seriously the most fun ever. Makes me wish I had more bloggers in my area, but I guess it’s just an excuse to travel lots, right? 😉

    Hope your week is off to a great start!

    • Hi Amanda! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 You should def try to find bloggers in your area – itz so fun to meet up!! And fro yo is pretty much the best thing ever! 🙂 🙂

  7. I’m a StL blogger too… would love to join a blogger meet up! I’ve been trying to find a meet up group that isn’t business related and have been really bummed. If y’all are going to make this a regular thing, i’d love to join!

  8. Your bowl of froyo deliciousness might be the most epic ever!! Cheesecake, wedding cake AND oreo cookie cake all at the same time? Uh-mazing. Can you tell the owners of Orange Leaf that they need to open a store in Washington three days ago? We have lots of froyo places (LOTS!) but Pinkberry is the only *really* good one. Maybe I’ve become a bit too much of a froyo snob. 😉 So glad that you were finally able to meet up with the STL bloggers!

    It’s so much fun to watch little kids play soccer! I used to help coach a Kindergarten team, and they’d all swarm around the ball. :-p Oh, and Ainsley is such a sweetheart; I love that pink bow. <3

    It sounds like a really wonderful weekend, Linz! Happy new week!

    • Haha yeah I couldn’t believe all the cake flavors – I was in heaven and didn’t want my cup to end (and it took forever to end since it was so enormous haha) I pretty much like all fro yo places; there’s only one place that I really didn’t like, but Orange Leaf definitely takes the cake! And kids soccer is adorable! I coach a six grade team but started when they were in third grade and it was definitely swarm ball… I can’t imagine kindergarteners! Probably adorable!!

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