Greens At Every Meal

Because of the extra large dinners I’d eaten and enjoyed the past couple of nights, I vowed to clean up my eats a bit for the remainder of the week.  What does this mean?  It does NOT mean any crazy diet, calorie restriction, or extra time at the gym.  (I ran five miles this morning, but that’s due to my half marathon training.)  What it does mean is smaller portions, extra veggies, and lots of water.  My goal for yesterday was to include greens in every meal.  Mission accomplished.

Breakfast: Steamed kale sprinkled with nutritional yeast and eggwhites topped with sriracha for some heat and extra flava’!

Lunch: Spinach, chicken breast, raw pepper slices, and carrots dipped in a homemade avocado – greek yogurt sauce.

Dinner: Leftovers of brisket, carrots, mashed potatoes, sweet koogle, green beans, cauliflower, and broccoli.

See?  I told you I’d still enjoy leftovers; I just placed a bigger emphasis on my greens.

Note: This is not everything I consume in a day.  It is merely my three square meals.  Rest assured, there are many *healthy* snacks eaten throughout the day.

I hope you liked today’s WIAW!  For my newbie readers, WIAW = What I Ate Wednesday.  Itz a day to gawk at delicious food and beautiful pictures and maybe even drool a bit. 

Click on over to Jenn at Peas and Crayons to check out the many other awesome blog posts celebrating WIAW.  I know I will!

Do you eat greens at every meal?  What are your favorite greens?

46 thoughts on “Greens At Every Meal

  1. I don’t get GREENS at every meal,but I usually incorporate some kind of fruit/ vegetable ALWAYS because I simply love it and without them,I feel kind of “incomplete”… I’m silly,haha 😀
    Zucchini is definitely a favorite of mine though,just like spinach.

  2. Love all the greens! What a great way to get back on track! I definitely don’t eat nearly enough greens but do aim to have them with at least one meal a day! I love spinach!

    • Really?! Did you grow up on koogle? My brother-in-law did not and he doesn’t like it now (actually he hates it). But my brothers, sister, and hubby all grew up on koogle and we all love it!

  3. Pheww nice job getting in those greens girl! I could do that if I had a green smoothie in the morning… or maybe an omelet with spinach mixed in there? Hmm now I am in the mood for an omelet lol, that might happen tomorrow!

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    • Yes! I totally know what you mean – I try and switch it up though I always tend to fall back on broccoli, spinach, and kale – not a bad thing, I suppose!

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