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We enjoyed a lovely second Rosh Hashanah dinner at my parents’ last night.  Per usual, my mom and dad outdid themselves and had enough food to feed an army.  We all left with stuffed bellies and overflowing to-go boxes.

My mom set a gorgeous table (which I didn’t think to take a picture of until after dinner – genius), served homemade matzo ball soup (delish), and a fabulous buffet for the main course.  There was brisket, salmon, green beans, sweet koogle, kasha shells, and mashed potatoes.  There is no picture of my dessert plate, just the dessert table, because that’s what my dessert consisted of.  I didn’t make a plate; I stood around chatting with family members having a bite of this, a nibble of that, being sure I sampled each and every thing.  Oy vey.  Food overload.

While I am extremely grateful that we left both Rosh Hashanah dinners with boxfuls of leftovers, I am in a bit of a need to refine my eats from the past two nights.  Itz not to say I won’t eat and enjoy these leftovers – I definitely will.  However, my focus will be on portion control.  I ate much larger servings than my typical dinners entail.

What’s my plan?  No crazy diet, juice fast, or any other bizarre fad.  Obviously, I’ll continue working out as I’m training for a half-marathon, but in addition, I’ll up the veggies, use portion control, and drink tons of water with these two magical ingredients:

Option 1) Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of water.  Drink up.

Option 2) Pour 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar into a large glass of water.  Can sweeten with lemon juice or NuNaturals lemon or orange stevia.

Both options have cleansing properties, and make drinking water a little lot more flavorful.  Tosca Reno swears by lemon water, and there numerous benefits of drinking ACV like: promotes digestion, pH balance, and helps remove body sludge toxins (source).  And now just for laughs:

My dad, nephew, and brother sporting their “Fisher Staches” from the St. Louis Rams home opener this past Sunday.  Funny stuff.

What do you do when you’ve had a food overload?  What’s your plan?

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  1. Water and veggies totally help me get past that food overload feeling! I’ve heard awesome things about ACV too and can’t wait to hear if you notice a difference while drinking it!

  2. I feel like I’ve had major food overload lately. Unfortunately, it has been giving me a sluggish feeling and I haven’t been wanting to stick to my running plan as need be. I need to revamp my workouts!

  3. Your dessert method = best way to approach dessert in my opinion!! 🙂
    I don’t typically feel the need to “cleanse” — because I think all foods do my soul well if not my body at the given time. However, just getting back into my regular eating routine is fine for me — I know that my body will fall back into its natural balance and eventually recycle itself to its normal state.

    • Yeah I’m not doing a “cleanse” persay; I just like that lemon water and acv have cleansing properties. I love tasting a little bit of everything.. but two huge dinners and desserts in a row have certainly caught up with me! Back to the basics!

  4. I love your plan. It really makes me uncomfortable for some reason when people do cleanses just because they may have ate a few meals that do not consist of their “usual” “clean” foods.

    I’m proud of you Linz and love how you live your life babe

    • There are some digestive benefits to acv so maybe it is worth giving it a try? The taste gets some getting used to, but now I actually like it!! (Make sure you get the “raw” kind!)

  5. Great post – it happens pretty frequently (as you cannot be completely strict with healthy eating all of the time)! I just move on the next day and start fresh healthy choices. I think it is repeated a lot, but it really is all about balancing the over-indulgences with a generally healthy diet! It is good to use the indulgences as a reward for making healthy choices – it ensures there is no regret (only enjoyment)!

    • Yup – move on, that’s what I keep sayin’! Finding a balance is key. Indulgences are fine, some of the time. Just time to get back to the basics! 🙂 And regret solves nothing, so def no regret!

  6. Sounds like you had a great celebration! My best friend growing up is Jewish and we would always trade holidays … I would go to her house for Passover and Rosh Hashanah … she would celebrate the Catholic stuff with me! Fun times 🙂 ACV is on my “to try” list soon … can’t help but be intrigued by the health benefits!

    • Oh fun!! One of my childhood friends and I used to do that too!! You’ve got to try ACV! I’ve actually come to love the taste! It does take some getting used to!

  7. Love the Fisher staches! So funny! When I have food overload, I always just try to make time to workout. I usually eat too much food when I’m on vacation (I’m including the holidays as a vacation), so instead of taking a vacation from working out, I keep up with that and I feel better about everything

  8. The first thing I do when I have a food overload is feel guilty. Then I just try not to beat myself up too badly, and refuse to let one bad day derail my progress. I try and be extra mindful the next few days, to make up the difference.

    Happy New Year!

  9. I am so glad you enjoyed Rosh Hashanah dinner with the families. I know what you mean in regards to eating much larger portions..story of my life at x-mas time. I get past it but reminding myself and drilling in my head that it’s in the PAST and I MUST move on.. and basically tune it out of my head. I get back to my regular meals asap and just have my “normal days”. I have found that trying to work out “more” back fires… for some reason, adding in extra work outs to negate those extra holiday calories do not work for me & for some reason end up gaining weight/retaining water when I do that.. So. I just have to go back to “business as usual”… which is fine by me! just clean eating etc. and just in 3 days I always feel pretty much as I did pre-holidays. I have just regular S&S ACV but want to get bragg’s and somehow force myself to drink it – is it bearable in water?!

    • I totally hear ya! Harder workouts means your body needs extra fuel so more food. I’m always active anyway, so that’s one aspect that doesn’t concern me. Just need to fine tune the portion sizes and be reasonable! I have grown to really like acv. At first, I needed to sweeten it with orange or lemon nunaturals, but now I really do like the taste on itz own!

  10. Shana Tovah! I *always* eat too much at the holiday meals with my family, so the same thing happened to my last night as well. To get back on track, I’m not doing anything “special” per se, but just jumping right back into my normal, healthy routine, and not dwelling on the past. I try to pay closer attention to my hunger cues, because I’m often not as hungry the day after a huge dinner – but sometimes I don’t realize it just out of habit.

    • L’shana tova to you, too! 🙂 And I’m opposite of you – I feel like I’m even hungrier the day after indulgences… Hence, why itz so important to make healthy choices!

  11. Sounds like one hell of a dinner!
    I’m debating jumping on the ACV bandwagon, I’ve heard nothing but good things about it!

    And when I have a food overload like that, I just try to keep my meals simple for a days after that. And for lunch or dinner the next day I eat a salad the size of my face. 🙂

  12. Oh wow, everything looks excellent!!
    I think I need to be on the opposite train and learn to indulge more! I have a hard time doing it…in fact I don’t think I have in years…not good, and its going to change with my calorie increase plan:)
    I love warm lemon juice first thing in the morning!

  13. Aww…I’m glad you had such a lovely time with your family! How adorable is that last picture!! Made me smile ;).
    You’re absolutely right. NO need to deprive…portion control and eat the rainbow! Oh and def can’t forget to keep moving!

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