Marvelous Runs

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Speaking of running, I had some marvelous runs this past weekend.  Lindsay at Cotter Crunch challenged everyone to capture a picture to describe the weekend.  Here’s mine:

Left: Saturday speed workout – 6 one-mile repeats. Goal: 8:00 minute miles.  Goal achieved!  We walked 100 meters (about a minute) in between each mile.  I was happy to maintain the pace for all six miles.

Right: Sunday long run – 10-mile run to my parents’ house.  Not easy by any measure.  Miles 5 – 7 were particularly rough, but I pushed through and managed to end with an average of 9:00 minute miles.  I’ll take it.

Bottom: My new shoes – The verdict?  I’m totally loving my Brooks PureFlows.  My legs were super tired during/after my long run, but I think that’s because of the distance and the two consecutive days of tough running.  Today will be one easy mile with lots and lots and lots of stretching and foam rolling.

Some fuel during my long run and after my long run:

Left: Chocolate #9 energy gel – My foodie penpal had sent me this a couple months ago, and I just now tried it.  I took it at mile five, and thought it tasted good.  Later, I got a cramp in my side.  I’m not sure if it was due to the gel, not consuming any fluids during my run (dumb mistake), or just a running cramp.

Right: Zico Pomberry Coconut Water – I ran to my parents’ and went straight to their fridge when I got inside.  I was super thirsty, and this coconut water caught my eye.  The pomberry flavor was good, but I prefer the original flavor better.

I was especially happy about and grateful for my marvelous runs, especially considering my rough runs last week.  Thanks to Diva Katie for hosting Marvelous Monday, as always.

Something else marvelous today is Rosh Hashanah.  For those who don’t know, Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year.  Itz a joyous celebration with sweet foods and lots of family time.  Last night, Jonny and I went to his parents’ house to bring in the New Year with his side.  Good food was consumed:

Raisin challah bread was dipped in honey (honey is traditionally eaten during the New Year).  There was also gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, brisket, sweet koogle, green bean casserole, potato casserole, kasha shells, and dessert.

I made Mama Pea’s Healthy Monkey Bread again, this time two separate batches.  One regular cinnamon sugar, and one coconut (made with shredded coconut and coconut oil instead of cinnamon and butter).  I liked the coconut batch better, but both were tasty.  And in addition to the monkey bread (which the family kept calling “monkey balls”) I had a gooey butter cookie, too.  No one went hungry last night.  We’ll be celebrating with my side of the family tonight with plenty more good food.

As we say on the New Year, “L’shana Tova,” which literally means “for a good year.”  So L’shana Tova to those celebrating, or Happy Monday to the rest of you. 🙂

36 thoughts on “Marvelous Runs

  1. Nice work on the runs! I need to get better about running more! I only run when we have to in CrossFit and I really need to get better! So impressed that you did 10 miles keeping a 9 mile pace! How awesome!

  2. Great job! You inspire me. My Prof is celebrating the holiday as well..therefore class cancelled ;). I’ve never tried Monkey bread…I’ve heard amazing things about it though! Def going to check out that recipe! Love challah bread! Love saying it too…with exaggeration! Hope you have a MARVELOUS day!

    • There’s some movie that’s like, “Ch– like you’ve got popcorn stuck in your throat!” Jonny always says that when we exagerate the CH in challah or any other word haha

  3. Good work on the runs! I really need to get into some more purposeful run training. I get so sidetracked with crossfit… Are you still doing CrossFit? Do you know of any cool races in STL coming up?

    • I’m not still doing CrossFit. Since I signed up to run a half marathon, that’s where my focus has been. The Rock N Roll and Cowbell are both really fun weekends in St. Louis. They are half/full marathons but I’m sure there is a 5k race sometime during the weekend!

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    • I hope so! How are you liking the PureFlow?? I really like mine! I’m not sure how I feel about minimal running… I really like the support. PureFlows aren’t considered minimal shoes, are they? I am curious to learn about Altra in PA.

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  6. Hi, Linz!

    I am a long-time follower, but first-time commentor 🙂 I would love to read a post from you about how you balance being a teacher with being so active and healthy. I am a first-year teacher (high school) and am so exhausted that I have a hard time getting to the gym. I have a relatively healthy diet, but struggle with working out. I understand that you go in the morning. What time do you go to bed, then? If you could do a post about an “tricks of the trade” for teachers who want to remain healthy while working (like when do you grade? haha!) I would REALLY appreciate it! Thanks!!

    • Hi Rebekah! Thanks for commenting!! Thanks also for your suggestion on a post – I may have to do just that! 🙂 In the meantime, I wrote a post that summarizes how I do get up early to workout: And I go to bed between 9 and 10 to ensure I get my 7-8 hours of sleep! Working out in the morning leaves my evenings open to cooking dinner, blogging, and grading when necessary. I will say, my first year was definitely my toughest – especially because it was the first time I’d ever worked full time! (College is no comparison!!) I’ll also tell you, teaching definitely gets easier. I’ve become much more efficient in preparing lessons, planning, setting up, grading, etc. Also, my team plans together each week, so I don’t have to do that at home. Sometimes I grade while I’m watching a tv show, depending on what I’m grading… I’m a huge multi – tasker. Whew, this has gotten long. Hopefully itz helped! 🙂 🙂

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