I got beat up by the sidewalk then locked out of my house

Blog title sounds awesome, eh?  Well itz been an awesome last two mornings of runs.  So Wednesday, I headed out of my house at 5:30 a.m. to get my miles in.  It was pitch black, but recently that’s just how it’s been since fall is nearing.  I run in my neighborhood all.the.time. and my neighborhood is not well lit.  Itz never been a problem… until Wednesday.  Literally one minute into my run, I tripped, failed to catch myself, and landed kersplat on the concrete.

It took me a minute to get up, and assess the situation.  My whole body was hurting, but I quickly realized I did not have any serious injuries (thank goodness!).  Multiple places on my body (wrists, hands, elbow, knee, hip, shoulder) were stinging, and I couldn’t see anything, so I turned around and walked home to assess the damage.

A bunch of scrapes and cuts and bruises, but no broken bones or twisted ankles.  Whew!  I ended up just running a mile on the treadmill in the basement after that.  Didn’t want to take any more chances.  Two days later and my battle wounds are healing.

Well, kind of healing.  Itz a start, I suppose.  I have never fallen while running before.  Sure, I’ve tripped, but I’ve always caught myself and never hit the ground.  The fall was a rude awakening.  So yesterday I decided to get smart and take my phone to use as a flashlight.  All was well; I covered five miles (for my 109th consecutive day running!), and headed to the driveway to unlock my front door.  I pulled out my keys and found…

My car key!  Not my house keys!  The two are usually attached, but when I run I separate them, so there is not as much to carry.  Obviously I grabbed the wrong part yesterday.  Enter freak out mode: itz 6:30 in the morning, Jonny is at work 30 minutes away, all our doors are locked, we don’t keep an extra key under the mat, and I need to be showered and at school shortly after.  Long story short, I texted my father-in-law who came to my rescue.  (Thank you, Jack!!)

How about this week YOU give ME a high-five for surviving my two running mishaps?

High Five Friday with A Dash of Meg

I know it could have been worse, much worse, and I am very lucky, but holy moly.I’m still in disbelief over my last two runs.  Like I said, I’ve never fallen while running before.  I’ve also never locked myself out of the house.  Here’s to staying on two feet, having the right keys, and no more disasters!

Have you ever fallen while running?  Have you ever locked yourself out? 

40 thoughts on “I got beat up by the sidewalk then locked out of my house

  1. Awwww HUNNIE! I just want to give you a huge hug 🙁 You should have text me 🙁 I would have ran to St. Louis and picked you up off the ground and held you in my arms <3 I love you so much! Definitely a high five to you, hunnie

  2. Oh gosh! I’m so sorry for the running trouble lately! It always seems like one thing after another doesn’t it! You poor thing I hope you feel better soon! Those sidewalks can be brutal 😉

  3. Oh my goodness what a rough couple of mornings!! I’m glad you’re ok after the fall, and thank God your father in law was able to come help you out! I locked myself out once recently… it was not pretty and I probably looked like a maniac (or thief) trying to find an unlocked window to get into! Hope your weekend is better than your last couple of mornings 🙂

  4. I’ve locked myself out … I was going to the drugstore because I was SO not feeling well. I had the ibuprofen when I returned home, but I didn’t have my keys. And my Dad had recently changed the garage code, but I usually use my keys and didn’t remember what it was. And he was out of town for the weekend. And I didn’t have my cell phone. My next-door neighbours let me use their phone to call my Mom (who lives 30 min away) to bring my brother’s keys. An hour round trip for her, a Chelsie with extreme migraine for my neighbours. No fun for anyone.
    Falling is scary!! I can’t believe we did it so much when we were kids. I think that we get more scared and shocked by it as we get older … Not a fan! Glad you’re healing!!

    • Oh gosh!! I was very lucky my father in law was able to help so quickly! And I agree with you – falling gets worse as we get older! Kids are SO resiliant!

  5. Yikes! Crazy sidewalks! Glad you are getting better. and huge props for running after that even on the treadmill, I would have gone back to bed lol.

  6. Aww, Linz!! You’ve definitely experienced your fair share of running mishaps this week! So sorry, girl. I fell on a run about two years ago and gashed my knee. The problem was, I was five miles from home, without a cell phone, so I walked home with battle wounds. 😉 I had to take off my shirt and wrap it around my knee to stop the bleeding so that I could get home without losing half my blood!

    I hope you have a wonderful (running problem-free) weekend! xoxo <3

    • Yikes that sounds terrible and scary!!! If I go further than a couple miles, I usually bring my phone (and you should too!). Your fall sounds super intense!! No one stopped to help you with a shirt wrapped around to stop the bleeding?!

  7. Happens to the best of us! You should get a headlamp for your early morning runs. They are very inexpensive and super useful. And maybe some blinking lights to make others aware of you if you don’t already wear some. And btw, I have locked myself out of my house more times than I can count. I now know how to break into it. lol

  8. That sucks. I am so sorry. I have been there and I promise you will learn from it and it will never happen again.
    I once ran a local bridge and locked my car keys in my trunk with my purse and took my house key. Didn’t figure it out until I got back, couldn’t get in the car, had no phone, and lived a marathon away.
    Lesson learned.

  9. Oh man, I hate when mornings like that happen. At least it can only get better now, right?;)
    I’ve definitely had my fair share of spills, I’m super duper clumsy.

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  12. Eeks! That looks soo soo painful! I’m glad that you didn’t have any serious injuries! I’m super clumsy too! I roll around everywhere. And that was soo nice of your father-in-law! I would’ve had a heart attack! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  13. Aw!!! I’m sorry about all of those running mishaps when you’re just trying to get your sweat on! Falling while running is the WORST– I’ve fallen a few times on outdoor jogs and I always get up super fast and look around to make sure nobody saw 🙂
    On the bright side, it was semi-good that it wasn’t well lit because nobody could see you fall! 😉 haha

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