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The other day Mama Pea posted a recipe titled, “Healthy Monkey Bread.”  I’m not kidding you when I say I thought about it all day long, and drove to Trader Joe’s after school to pick up a package of their whole wheat dough, so I could make a batch.

Best.decision.ever.  The recipe was ridiculously easy to make.  Surprisingly, Jonny had never even heard of monkey bread before!  (What??)  I was happy to introduce him.  Sure, there is still some butter and sugar in this recipe, but this is totally worth the indulgence.  And indulgence is a good thing – in moderation; deprivation is not a good thing – ever.  Rest assured, there was NO deprivation going on here last night…

Itz better than using your tongue, right?  I actually asked Jonny while we were eating one a few of the dough balls, “Couldn’t you just finish the whole pan tonight?”  To which he replied, “Obviously.”  And obviously, we did not finish the whole pan because that would not have been moderation.  Moderation is key.

I had a nice little jog yesterday morning.

I had a hard time getting myself out the door, but convinced myself by saying I only “had” to run three.  My goal was to cover five miles, and once I got going it was no problem.  High-five for Linz!

Thanks, Meg, for letting me brag on myself during today’s High Five Friday.  I’m still pretty pumped about the 10K race I ran on Labor Day.  #runnershigh

I’ve been in need of new running shoes.  My last pair I bought were the Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s.  It was probably over a year ago.  Since I hadn’t been running consistently, I went out and bought a pair of Asics (pictured above) to workout in.

Honestly, I bought the Asics because I needed a new pair of workout shoes.  I found them, they were comfortable, I liked the colors, and they were a good price.  However, once I decided to start running a little more seriously, I knew I was in need of a new pair of good running shoes.  I went to the place I always go for new running shoes: Missouri Running Company.  I got a kick out of this little guy in the store:

Mo Run Co. has the best service ever.  The man who helped me looked at my old shoes, watched me walk and run, and listened to what I was looking for and my thoughts on my old shoes.  I loved my Mizuno Wave Rider’s, but I did tell him about my recent knee pain, and knew it could be due to the fact that my shoes were old.  I also have really high arches, so I need pretty supportive shoes.  He suggested the following three pairs: the new Mizuno Wave Rider 15, a pair of Brooks PureFlow, and a pair of Saucony’s (can’t remember which one).

I tested out each pair by running up and down the sidewalk outside the store.  Each pair was extremely light, comfortable, and supportive, but ultimately I decided on the Brooks.

I could feel the most arch support in the Brooks, which I like.  The website states, “With a wider Nav Band coming up the lateral side and grabbing the midsole, the foot receives arch support without the bulkiness of underfoot materials. A center strike pod provides guidance in finding the natural landing zone, and modern air mesh wraps the foot for an incredibly comfortable fit.” (source)  Can’t wait to try them out!

What’s your favorite shoe?

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  1. Nice! I’m going to the running store this weekend to try to find the right shoes. I’m scared of getting shin splints (my shins have been aching a little) but I just signed up for my first half marathon, so I dont’ want to get injured!

  2. That is seriously the best Monkey Bread recipe I’ve ever seen — I’m thinking that my life is in need of some moderation … Having made them, do you think they would freeze well?
    I wear the Mizuno Wave Rider 15s and really enjoy them, but I have proper arches so I can see where you might be coming from if you’re in need of more support. What I like about the is that I’m a hardcore heel striker and they have excellent cushion and padding through the heel and support through the ankle. I had angered tendons in my ankles and feet and hurt my knee running in the wrong shoes — the Mizunos fixed this up in no time!!

    • I’m not sure if the monkey bread would freeze… I hardly freeze anything because we eat everything around here haha. Glad to hear you’ve had great success with the 15s! I seriously LOVED my 14s and they worked awesome even beyond proper mileage! The Brooks that I just got are supposed to encourage more of a toe and mid-foot strike, so that could help if you’re a heavy heel striker?

    • Yay! I can’t believe how EASY the recipe was!! Thanks for sharing!! It will DEFINITELY be getting made again! (Like next time I’m in charge of bringing a dessert somewhere!)

  3. Don’t you just love the feeling of getting new shoes? 😀 I can’t wait to hear how you like them – I need a lot of arch support too, so I’ll have to consider these for my next pair of running shoes. Right now I have Asics and I don’t really love them – good thing it’s almost time for a new pair!

    • YES! I did my speed workout in them this morning and they felt good.. I’ve had one other pair of brooks and really liked them, too, so I’d def consider a pair. Also, they are very reasonable in price!

  4. I love new shoes too!! Ummm those are sweet! And nice job on getting out the door-def HIGH five to YOU <3

    ANd YES–that recipe/monkey bread sounds/looks amazing. I loove monkey bread because of all the cinnamon. Mmmmm. It is all carmalized & gooey. YUMM. Might have to bust this out this weekend 🙂

  5. I love my Reeboks! The ones we got at HLS are actually some of my favorites. I also love the Reebok ZigNano Fly 2 sneakers because of the AMAZING ankle support they give. I feel like I’ve put my foot into a cloud when I put them on!
    That monkey bread looks to die for. Love the monkey bread chatting we were doing on Twitter! 🙂

  6. That monkey bread looks incredible! Yum.
    I love the reeboks to, I was surprised how light the ones we got at HLS are. I love using them for higher intensity workouts.

    • I haven’t tried them for higher intensity workouts… I need more support.. but I do think they’re super comfy and cute! (both important features!)

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