Foodie Penpals: August

The last day of my birthday month is already upon us!  Where oh where has the time gone?  The last day of the month means itz Foodie Penpals Reveal Day over at The Lean Green Bean!

The Lean Green Bean

Make sure you click on the button to take a looksie at all the goodies that were sent and received across the country (and Canada! and the UK!).  This month I sent a box to Di at The Life of Di, so head on over to her blog to find out about her loot!  Kristina, a reader who lives near Boston and is training for the NYC marathon (!!!) sent me a wonderful box.  I told her I loved receiving local foods, and I’m not real picky as I like to try it all.  Well, she picked out some local fare and it certainly did not disappoint!

I can’t wait to use the Wild Maine Blueberry spread (the jar claims to be “wicked good!”) and have so many ideas for it already.  Pancakes, oatmeal, sandwiches, oh the possibilities are endless!  The applesauce is made from New England McIntosh Apples which has a wonderful taste.  The honey is absolutely perfect because I have been in need of more honey, but haven’t gotten any yet.  Now I have a whole pound!

Kettle Corn?  Pretty sure Jonny and I had no problem polishing this off in way less time than we should have!  It was good and we enjoyed the sweet treat.  Thanks, Kristina!  Best of luck in the NYC Marathon!

All the details for Foodie Penpals can be found HERE.  Itz open to readers and bloggers alike, and I would highly encourage you to get involved.  Itz super simple – you get paired up with someone random (from your country), have a $15 spending limit, send them goodies, and receive an awesome box from someone else!  CLICK HERE to fill out a brief form to sign up.  And now because itz Friday, let’s do some High Five Friday action with A Dash of Meg!

High Five Friday with A Dash of Meg

There is one person and one person only who most definitely deserves today’s high-five. This person is not only a dear friend to me, but an unbelievable athlete, and an inspiring blogger, fitness instructor, and woman.

Annette of Enjoy Your Healthy Life just completed her first HALF IRONMAN!  Not only that, she did it all (70.3 miles!) in less than seven hours!  Read her full recap HERE.  Annette, you never cease to amaze me, and this is no different.  You are [in your own words] thebombdotcom.  xoxo  Now move back to St. Louis? 😉 #wishfulthinking

Do you know anyone who has ever done an Ironman – half or full?  What’s the longest distance you’ve swam/biked/run?  Mine is 13.1 miles during the seven half-marathons I’ve run – I can’t imagine running a half after swimming and biking crazy distances, too!

47 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals: August

  1. first of all-LOVE the kettle corn. LOOKS yummy!

    Second of all, THANK YOU babe!!! You’re so sweet!! It was tough, but I am glad I did it–both mentally & physically wise. It was an amazing experience. Thank YOU for being so supportive & congratulating me. YOU rock!!! love you <3 I will see you in NOV for a lunch date, missy!!

  2. I love everything that Kristina sent you! I bet that blueberry jam will be amazing. And for some reason the idea of a sandwich with chicken, goat cheese, and blueberry jam popped into my head. I wonder if that would taste any good…

    Annette is such a rockstar! I can’t imagine ever doing a half Ironman. My longest run of 10k was enough to tire me out! 😛

  3. Annette is seriously SO inspiring! I love her and her blog!!!!!!! I love that you two are REAL LIFE friends 🙂 I hope the three of us can get together some day 🙂 How fun would that be!?

    Thanks for linking of babes! Means so much to me! I LOVE YOU (and miss you of course 🙁 !!)

  4. I’d love to do a half ironman or even a full someday, but I can’t even begin to imagine it at this point. Your foodie pen pals box looks delicious!!

  5. Wild Maine Blueberry Spread…mmmm….I like the sound of it tastes even better! I don’t know of ANYONE who’s done an Ironman…it sure is inspiring to read about these hard-working, incredibly disciplined athletes! I don’t swim..I float..I haven’t ridden a bike since 4th grade when I fell in the pool with it (nearly drowned..quite traumatizing..yup that’s my excuse haha)..and well I haven’t ran in awhile either…yeeaaah….that’s me…quite pitiful

  6. Lovw that you and Annette have been connected since your elementary days at CDS. Itz inspiring to see your connection to your friends and all of the powerful and healthy things you bring to your friends and readers!
    Super proud of you, Linzaloo!

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