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As if the Healthy Living Summit couldn’t get any better… It did.  First it was the amazing ladies.  Then it was the unbelievably tasty food.  And now… itz the stellar swag!  When we first checked in, we were given a name tag.

With the official name tag, we were ready to pick up the overflowing bag of goods.  You better believe I managed to fit it all in my suitcase on the way home.  Not sure how, but I did.  Check it out:

I’ve had a chance to sample some of the swag.  The Attune Erewhon Supergrains Buckwheat & Hemp cereal is pretty good.  I don’t eat a ton of cereal, but this one was very earthy tasting.  5 grams of fiber and 6 grams of protein is certainly not bad for cereal.  I also tasted Sneaky Pete’s Outstanding Beverage.  It was very sweet, and had just 40 calories and 5 grams of sugar in the whole bottle.  Plus, it had 3 grams of fiber.  I’m not a big juice drinker, so I probably wouldn’t buy it again, but if you like juice and sweet drinks, I’d recommend it.  More swag:

I drank the REBOOT pack the morning after I arrived home from Boston.  It claims to boost your body’s fight against free radicals and toxins.  It didn’t make me feel any different, but I do like the idea behind it.  If you follow me on Instagram (which you should – ItzLinz – look me up!), then you probably already know which other snacks I tried.

While I felt a little silly eating/drinking the Happy Baby squeeze pack, I must admit: it did taste good.  My favorite flavor (not pictured) is the kale, apple, and mango.  Yesterday, I ate the Oh! Nuts pistachios when I took my kiddos out for recess.  The individual package was the perfect serving size for a snack.  The Odwalla bar had a good blueberry flavor, but truthfully, I wish there was more protein in it.  If I’m going to eat a bar as a snack, I want it loaded with protein and fiber.  And the Love Grown granola?  Well, you can’t ever go wrong with Love Grown.  Even more swag:

Fun goodies!  Chobani and Stoneyfield both included chapsticks, and my thoughts on chapsticks is that you can never have too many!  I love headbands and Five Bamboo made us these headbands, as well as the HLS t-shirts which I forgot to take a picture of. (#bloggerfail)  They are super soft and I do have a picture of Heather and I so you can see what they look like!  (By the way, Heather planned this whole HLS, so she gets major props!)

Heather is also the director of Healthy Living Blogs, so she pretty much just rocks my socks all around.  I must say… the very best swag of it all was from Reebok.

Reebok HOOKED US UP!  Everyone got their own pair of Reebok RealFlex Fusions!  They have a bit less support than I am used to wearing, so I won’t wear them for running, but for days I’m lifting they’ll be perfect.  We all also got a Reebok CrossFit headband.  Reebok CrossFit did a short WOD for us, and afterwards we had a chance to talk to some of the coaches.  One of them (Max), gave some of us a drawstring backpack and hardcore t-shirt.  Can’t wait to rock it and pretend like I’m the real deal.

Reebok also had a booth set up with several pairs of their shoes.  I tried on and fell in love with their ZigLites and will probably find myself a pair.  At the booth, they gave me a couple of packages of socks.  6 pairs of ultra thin, super comfy Reebok socks.  Wahoo!  Itz the little things in life… Little things like awesome rubber Reebok Crossfit bracelets…

That I’m totally going to rock when I’m feeling especially like a CrossFit wannabe.  🙂

Told ya we got hooked up!  A big thank you goes to all of our amazing sponsors!

Best swag you’ve ever received?

44 thoughts on “Some Stellar Swag

  1. I really like the Erewhon Supergrains cereal too! Usually I’m not a fan of flaky cereals, but I like that these flakes are thick and crunchy so that they don’t get soft in milk right away. I’ve also tried the pretzels and love them! I haven’t tried anything else yet though. I’m trying not to gobble it all up at once. 😛

  2. Def the shoes! I only have running shoes so now I can rock my hot pink, light as feather training shoes! Woot woot! Hope you’re having a fabulous day, Linz!

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