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As some of you may know, the CrossFit Games happened this past weekend.  I’d barely heard of CrossFit, much less the games, before a week ago.  However, thanks to my wonderful FitFluential community, I am now much more aware, and they definitely peaked my interest in CrossFit.

What is CrossFit?  The CrossFit website states: “CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams,           military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.  Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Combat, survival,           many sports, and life reward this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist.  The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience.” (source)

Sounds intense, but totally awesome, right?  Right!  Well, I reached out to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors via Twitter, and asked for some help in locating a reputable box (box = lingo for CrossFit studio/gym) in St. Louis.  It didn’t take long before someone put me in contact with CrossFit 26.

One of the cool things about CrossFit 26 is that they have introductory classes.  Actually, they require you to take a series of 8 intro classes before being able to take a regularly scheduled class.  I’m not sure if all boxes require this, but they should!  I took my first intro class last night, and I can see why itz required!  Many of the moves in CrossFit are so technical, that in order to do them safely and correctly, proper form must be used.

There were 6 people in the intro class last night, and two main instructors with another two who popped in and out.  So, at times there were four instructors for the six of us.  Amazing!  I love individualized instruction to ensure I’m performing the moves correctly.

CrossFit 26 is located in a warehouse type building.  No AC – just fans and the great St. Louis heat and humidity.  🙂

The box, the people, and the moves were all pretty hardcore, and it was fun to partake for the hour.  We spent the majority of our time learning and practicing a few moves.  My favorite was the handstand push-up.  You literally do a handstand against a wall, and then push-up while upside down.  They have little mini pad things to put under your head in case you can’t go all the way down.  I used two, so my push-ups were pretty modified, but I was still happy to get some vertical movement!

The hardest part was at the end where we put together several of the moves we had just learned.  The goal was to complete it as quickly as possible while maintaining proper form.  Here’s what it looked like:

  • 5 snatches
  • 200 meter run
  • 5 snatches
  • 25 slams
  • 200 meter run
  • 5 snatches

The 25 slams about killed me!  My heart rate definitely peaked there, and the short 200 meter run seemed pretty challenging afterwards.  I know this was just a miniscule glimpse of what an entire class would entail, but I loved it!  CrossFit is kind of addicting.

I would have liked to get pictures to show you how I rocked learned and tried some CrossFit moves, but since it was my first time and I didn’t know anyone, I resisted being the nerd to break out the camera. #bloggerfail Maybe next time.

All in all, I’m so happy I went!  I was definitely incredibly nervous and scared, and my fears were confirmed when I got there super early and watched part of a regularly scheduled class.  CrossFit people don’t mess around!  But like Elizabeth (the owner) promised, and I’ve heard so much about, the community seemed amazing and I was able to witness that firsthand.  Plus, all the trainers were pretty good looking which, let’s be real, never hurts anything. 😉 Thank you, CrossFit 26.

My only regret?  Not starting sooner!

Have you ever done a CrossFit class?

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  1. I have been dying to try CrossFit. But nearest box in almost an hour from my house – that’s the downside to live in a rural farming community. My husband and I are planning on visiting a box when we go on vacation, so that we can at least experience CrossFit.

  2. I really want to try it when I move next month! I’ve already contacted a few gyms in the area where I’ll be living. I’m still a little hesitant about the high price. I’m afraid I’ll love it and it will be too expensive to do!

  3. That’s so awesome that you tried out CrossFit! I’ve been really wanting to give it a try too but haven’t tried looking for a nearby location yet. You’ve given me some motivation to get looking though! 😀

  4. LOL. #bloggerfail nice. haha. at my first trail, I snuck out the cam and took a pick of the WOD on the board. I will be going back, but for now I am pounding out the Spartan WODs I get in my email inbox. And I am so sore today after last nights workout. Glad tonight’s WOD is weights.

    Kudos for making it thru and becoming addicted. Those wall slams would have done me in too!

  5. YAY! You got to try it! GO you. I bet you rocked it more than you’re letting on 😉

    I will eventually try it–I just can’t stand paying for workouts when I get ’em for free, and when I could design similar heart pumping things…. (ya know?!) BUT I want to try it, and I think the community feel sounds amazing!

    • Yes, I rocked the pvc pipe that we practiced our form with 😉 The price is definitely something to think about – especially when I’m already paying a hefty amount for my everyday gym!

  6. I’m with you – getting so excited about Cross Fit from all the Fitfluential chatter. There’s a box about a mile from my house, but it’s so much $$. I have a friend that does and I may start working out with her to get my fix.

    Glad you had so much fun.

    • At the box I went to, the first class was free… which was just what I needed to wet my appetite and help make my decision if I want to commit financially!

  7. oh man, I didn’t realize there was another FFA so close! I live in Wentzville and go to CrossFit O’Fallon. I’m so excited to find someone “local” We should do a CrossFit meet up sometime. My box is pretty small, they don’t do the whole intro class thing, but the groups are so small you get individual attention during every WOD, which I love. Welcome to CrossFit Family!

    • Awesome!! I didn’t know of any other FFA’s close either! We’ve GOT to meet up! For CrossFit, a workout, or just coffee! 🙂 🙂

  8. A very good personal trainer that I had used at Club Fitness encouraged me to try CrossFit out, so I did the intro classes at 26…freakin’ loved it, although I was never more sore and worn out afterwards! When I first realized what the monthly dues are, I thought it was obscene and way outside my league…but I finished the 8 week intro classes, and realized over those classes that you truly get what you pay for.

    The comradery, positive re-enforcement, and detailed hands-on attention that all the trainers and other cross-fitters give each other is an experience that blew my mind, plus just about everything is turned into a friendly competition that is a big motivation to push one’s self. As a newbie, I had and have everyone helping me with form and stuff, and everyone looks out for each other…Words really can’t describe the feeling and intensity of it all, you just gotta give it a try!

    So yeah, it does significantly more per month than a globo gym where you can quietly slip in, do a few laps on same stationary treadmill and lift the same weights in the same corner…but with Crossfit every WOD is different, and every time I drive over there I wonder WHAT are they going to do today.

    If fitness is a priority, and you enjoy the intensity of Crossfit, then prioritize how you spend your $$$ and you’ll freakin’ love it and get more than what you paid for! 10 years ago people on average did not have $100.00 cell phone bills…now most people do with data plans, and no one thinks anything of it…apply the same rational to your fitness choices – what is your priority?!!

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