I did it.

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 I ran one mile or more for 38 consecutive days.  The challenge began on Memorial Day and was hosted by Runner’s World.  There was no sign-up, no prizes, no medal for finishing.  Just the sheer joy of accomplishing a goal.  I decided to partake on a whim.  I literally learned of RWRunStreak on Memorial Day and went for it.  It had been awhile since I followed any type of fitness plan or training schedule, so I felt like it was time.

While there were many days where I only ran one mile, it was one mile more than I would have otherwise.  I’m most proud of how I stuck with it, didn’t give up, and got in at least a little bit of fitness every single day for the last 38 days.  Sure, some days was just ten minutes, but it was ten minutes more than I would have gotten if I would have taken a rest day.  I didn’t overdo it either.  I am a big advocate of rest days.  Our bodies, bones, and muscles need time to recover after working hard.  On those days, I ran a mile nice and easy.  Other days, I ran one mile and then walked at an incline for an additional 20 or 30 minutes.  Some days, I ran a mile as a warm-up, then lifted some weights or took a class.  I varied my exercise routine, but kept the streak alive.

How many miles did I run over the course of 38 days?

I kept track on my iPhone because I knew I’d be curious at the end.  67.24 miles, baby!  The challenge was the perfect length, too.  Usually when I follow training plans (like LiveFit or half-marathon training) they last 12 weeks, and by the end I am so ready to be done and off a schedule.  I never felt that way with the Run Streak.  In fact, I may go on a run today.  Or not.  We shall see.  🙂

Hope you had a greath Fourth!  

*2 days left to enter the giveaway*

Did you dress in red, white, & blue yesterday?  Most of the 20+ people at my grandparents yesterday had some type of patriotic wear on, except for some of my cousins to which they said none of their friends dressed in red, white, & blue for the holiday.  We disagreed.  So now I’m asking you…

49 thoughts on “67.24

  1. YAY!!!! Congratulations, I’m a little jealous of your run streak finisher status! 😉 We wore our red, white, & blue yesterday – I love dressing up in holiday festive apparel!!

  2. Now THAT is what I call commitment! I haven’t had a “run streak” since training for my last distance race about 2 years ago. I guess it kind of burnt me out, because now I can barely get myself to want to run more than 3 miles tops

    • Thanks! I totally understand the burnt out feeling! I ran 2 half marathons last October and took a 6 month hiatus from running. This streak is the most I’ve run since… And you can see the majority of my mileage is 3 miles or less!

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