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Ashley does Thursday Thoughts and this post is pretty random, so I thought I’d use her theme.  Thanks, Ash.  🙂  Today we are getting our carpets cleaned.  This is a BIG deal.  I had to pick up everything off the ground that I could move before the cleaners came.  (And vacum.  Ugh.)  Our living room looked very, very empty.

(The guy will help me move the two tables.)  And looking at this picture makes me realize not how empty it is, but how clean it is.  Is this how it should look all the time?  Hmm… The extra room where we stored all of our living room stuff, on the other hand, looked anythingbutempty or clean.

I think we have too much stuff.  Our carpets will soon be cleaned… And we’ll get to put all our stuff back.  Yay!  {insert sarcasm}  I am happy they’ll be cleaned though because we’ve never gotten them cleaned since the carpet was replaced a couple of years ago.  It was time.  Definitely time.

Anyway,  last night for dinner was very random.  I made another pizza out of Trader Joe’s whole wheat dough.  It was identical as last time, though I did a better job with making the crust circular instead of heart-shaped.

Delicious, again.  We had my friend, Angel, over for dinner and last time I made the pizza Jonny and I ate the whole thing ourselves.  (Too much?)  Since we would be sharing, I wanted to make something else, in addition.  Chelsey posted a recipe for Lentil Jambalaya and I just so happen to have all the ingredients.  I had lentils leftover from the Whole Food’s class I attended, but I had never cooked lentils before and didn’t know where to start.  This recipe seemed like the perfect place to begin.

And it was.  I added corn to Chelsey’s recipe, and the lentils were red instead of green, but the jambalaya was SO good!  (Jonny agreed.)  Definitely will be made again.

Angel got a new dog, and she’s a cute little thang named Princess.  Princess is a high-energy dog who lives up to her name.  Zoey was very excited… for the first thirty seconds, then she wanted nothing to do with Princess.  Princess was more than happy to run around outside, and then crash on the couch with us.

Itz a small miracle I was able to capture this picture without the blur of Princess zooming around.  She’s a cutie though, isn’t she?  In all my recent Farmer’s Market trips, I have been picking up more fruit than I usually buy.  Like kiwis and mangoes.  Two fruits that I love, but two fruits that are awkward to cut.

Green and orange – Jonny’s favorite colors.  What is the proper way to cut a kiwi or a mango?  Not even proper, how about effective?  I just scooped the kiwi out and tried to cut the peel off the mango and cut around the gigantic seed thing in the middle.  Not very pretty, but it got the job done.

What are your Thursday Thoughts?

24 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Mmm I love jambalaya! I’ve never made a vegetarian one before though so I really want to try out Chelsey’s recipe!

    Is it sad that one of the reasons I don’t buy mangoes that often is because I hate cutting them up? 😛 I still haven’t figured out a good way to do it! For kiwis I tend to just slice them in circles and eat them with the skin on. It’s a little fuzzy, but it’s so much easier!

    • You def should… it was a very easy recipe! Haha no and I feel that way about some foods, too! I’ve never eaten the fuzz but I keep hearing more and more people who do!

    • I did not grow up eating them that way and so when I first saw someone doing that I was like EW! (bad me for judging) But now I feel like tons of people eat the fuzz… maybe it’s the cool thing to do?? 😉

  2. I have a mango slicer 🙂 My Daddy bought it for me off of Ebay 😉 He’s kind of an Ebay freak 😉 We have so many kitchen gadgets thanks to him! hehe!

    • UGH so do I! Jonny was like, “Your post today made me so mad because I know it’s going to take you forever to clean out that room.” Haha

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