Bosu Ball Workout

Today I have a workout for you that involves a bosu ball and some dumbbells.  It works your whole body with minimal equipment, and definitely allows you to feel the burn.  I repeated each exercise for 15 repetitions and three sets.

Bosu Ball Workout

  • *Superset – Lunge with tricep kickback
  • *Superset – Donkey Kicks
  • ~Superset – Squat with bicep curl and overhead press
  • ~Superset – V Ups
  • *Superset – Lunge with front raise and lateral raise (alternating)
  • *Superset – Knee to Elbow
  • ~Superset – Push Ups
  • ~Superset – Dumbbell Row

Some of the exercises were performed on top of the bosu ball, where other exercises entailed flipping the bosu ball over (so the rounded part was face down – requiring much more balance and core strength!).  I warmed up with a mile jog on the treadmill to keep up my #RWRunStreak.  And just so this post is not totally picture-less:

Zoey basking in the sun!

What’s your favorite exercise using the bosu ball?

19 thoughts on “Bosu Ball Workout

  1. I don’t use the bosu ball that often in my workouts – but I love doing pushups on it! That always makes my abs burn!

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