Kabobs For Sale!

I’ve professed my love for Whole Foods before.  And their hot food bar.  And the classes they offer.  And their awesome customer service.  Whole Foods pretty much rocks my world.  And you know what else rocks?  When Whole Foods has their 3-day-only sales in the meat and seafood department.  Case in point #1: Opilio Snow Crab Clusters are on sale for $9.99 per pound. You’ll save $5.00 per pound!  Case in point #2: Ready-to-Cook Marinated Kabobs are on sale for $7.49 per pound. That’s a savings of $2.50 per pound.  (Don’t mind my amazing math skills.)

Dinner just got way easier and way tastier.  I chose to try the Sesame Ginger Beef Kabobs.  The Health Starts Here logo definitely drew me in since it means no oil was used.  Two kabobs weighed about a pound and a half.  That means dinner cost fifteen bucks for me and Jonny.  But hold up!  Now the ready-to-cook marinated kabobs are on sale for $7.49 – this makes me and my wallet much happier.  We threw those bad boys on the grill and the main course for dinner was on itz way.

While at Whole Foods, I picked up some yodeling goat gouda per the recommendation of Karl; he said that this goat gouda has a mild taste and is a great alternative for people who don’t want cow’s milk.  I browsed the Whole Foods website for a side dish to make with the kabobs using the gouda.  (Did you know they have a huge database full of recipes that are searchable by course, category, ingredient, or special diet?)  I decided to use the cheese to make a Three – Bean Salad with Gouda. (click for recipe)

I had never tasted a bean salad with cheese, especially one that used a strong cheese such as gouda.  However, Karl was right in that the goat gouda was milder and actually complimented the flavors perfectly.  The recipe made a fairly large batch, so we get to enjoy leftovers.  This will be perfect to make for a crowd, especially throughout the summer.  I wanted a green, leafy vegetable to accompany our dinner, and I remembered another love for Whole Foods – my introduction to rainbow chard.

I cooked it as I had learned by sauteing it in low-sodium chicken broth.  I also added some garlic seasoning (not garlic salt – no need for extra salt on food!).  Our dinner came together nicely and Jonny and I, both, were quite impressed.

Talk about a colorful meal!  I love how convenient the kabobs were.  They were already marinated, they were healthy, and they had three massive chunks of beef on each kabob!  (This made Jonny especially happy.  The meat was so plentiful that I couldn’t even finish my kabob.  Jonny sure did though!)  They had such great flavor, too.  Every weekend at Whole Foods there is a 3-day-sale in the meat and seafood department.  That means you have three days to go and get your kabobs.  Or snow crab clusters.  Or both since the price is so great.  🙂

Which would will you get – the marinated kabobs or the crab clusters?

(Today is the last day to enter my giveaway.)  Happy Friday!

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  1. Oh yum, that all looks so good! I love the recipes on the WF website – I seriously have so many of them bookmarked!

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