Foodie PenPals: May

Last day of May = Foodie PenPal Reveal day!  Major props go to Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean for hosting this ever increasingly amazing project.

The Lean Green Bean

Be sure to pop on over to her and click around for more goodies that were sent and received.  This month I received my package from Jennifer at Peanut Butter and Peppers.  Anyone who has peanut butter in their name is fine by me!  Jennifer always posts beautiful pictures of new creations she’s come up with, so I was certain my package would not disappoint.

And it didn’t.  First up, barbeque sauce.  I featured this pulled chicken sandwich in a WIAW post, but had to wait til today to reveal the sauce.  The sauce is what makes the sandwich!  After shredding the chicken, I mixed the barbeque sauce all over and the added some more on top.  Very delicious.  Next up is M & M cookies that Jennifer said she received her husband’s permission to share.

Now I know why she needed permission.  Very good and unfortunately for Jonny, I did not share with my husband.  🙂  I’ve declared my love for Trader Joe’s before, but I especially like how each store features different items.  Well, actually I love and hate that fact because if I get something especially yummy, it’s usually the case that my TJ’s doesn’t carry it!  Anyway, Jennifer sent me some dark chocolate nutty bites.

I looooved the combination of nuts and dark chocolate in these.  I never really feel you can go wrong with nuts and chocolate, but these bite size nuggets were very yummy.  The last of the package I received were more bite size treats.

Both of these goodies were picked up at a local Farmer’s Market which made me love them more.  The granola was so delicious and I used it to top oatmeal, mix with milk, and just straight out of the bag my hand!  The natural orange honey almonds had a good flavor, too.  They made me want to recreate them myself which I think should be pretty doable.  Be on the lookout, folks.  Thank you, Jennifer, for all my treats!

If you’re curious about what I sent my foodie penpal, then go visit Jen at Just a Mom Giving it a “TRI.”  And if you want to sign up for foodie penpals, click here and fill out a short form.  Itz really easy to do and really fun to put together and receive a package!  Also, Foodie PenPals is open to bloggers and readers alike.  But sign up soon because the next set of pairings go out on June 5th!  (June 4th is the deadline to sign up.)

What’s your favorite flavor of almonds?  Orange honey was new to me!

PS: Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway! Enter now and good luck! 🙂

19 thoughts on “Foodie PenPals: May

  1. I am so glad you liked everything. I had so much fun shopping for you. When I was walking the Farmers Market, I kept asking my friend, would my Foodie Pen Pal like these? I drove her nuts! Your pics make me want to go to the Napa Valley Farmers Market to get more BBQ Sauce, your sandwich looks amazing! And those nutty bites, terribly addicting! When I bought yours, I bought a bag for myself, and that was the first time I tried them. Oh man, the first night I ate 5 of them. My Husband was laughing at me, telling me to slow down on it. Glad a I still have a few left! I think I’ll have some when I get home from work! Have a great day!!

  2. Everything looks so good – especially the granola! Things from farmer’s markets always taste so homemade and delicious. 😀

    My favourite flavour of almonds is chocolate covered!

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