A bagpipe, a birthday, and a judgement-free summer

Lots of great ideas for kids snacks from yesterday’s Banana Bar.  Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!  My day was a bit slow to get started yesterday due to my late night out, but eventually I got rolling and got a lot accomplished.  A workout was not one of them, though by evening time I was itching to get moving.  The weather was 90 degrees, but it definitely didn’t feel like it since there was such a strong breeze.  My friend and I met at a park to walk the four mile loop.  Before she got there, I noticed a man playing a bagpipe by the lake.

At first I was like what in the world?  But I ended up sitting down to enjoy the weather, the scenery, and eventually, the music.  It got me thinking about how fast I judged the situation.  Just because it was different, I considered it “weird.”  It wasn’t until I listened to the music for awhile that I began to appreciate the talent this random man had and his freedom of playing to the lake and the serenity that surrounded him.  It was a beautiful night out and I loved just being there.

As an educator, I work so hard to teach my students the importance of acceptance and to encourage them not to judge one another.  Sometimes it’s hard to reflect on your own actions and practice what you preach.  I’m trying.

Anyway, enough of me trying to be all philosophical – it was just how I was feeling!  Let’s lighten the mood a bit by participating in some High Five Friday with the Megster.

As you know by now, High Five Friday is to recognize and celebrate various successes.  It is only appropriate that today’s High Five Friday gets dedicated to my amazing students.  They are so ready for fourth grade and I am incredibly proud of their work from this past year.  Each of them have grown and made tremendous progress.  While I do look forward for summer vacation, I know that a part of me will miss seeing their smiling faces every morning.  Luckily, I will be teaching summer school, so I will get to see some of them for a few weeks this summer.

Now let’s talk workout.  The girl I worked out with at the gym the other week asked me to workout together again because she found some new moves to try.  Again, I was more than willing to have a gym buddy!  I got up early, made it to the gym, and started some cardio while waiting.  After fifteen minutes of her not showing up, I decided to start lifting weights.  I hadn’t made a plan because I was anticipating following her routine, so my workout was pretty hodgepodge.  Bicep curls, tricep extension, one legged barbell squat, calf raises, back row, chest press, abductor and adductor machine.  I wasn’t totally feeling it, so after those exercises I called it quits.  Proves to me that I really am a fan of planning my workouts.

Instead of being angry or irritated that my gym buddy didn’t show, I had feelings of hoping everything was ok with her because she usually is at the gym so early.  Everything happens for a reason because when I got my belongings, my other friend had texted me saying she was up early and wanted to go walking.  Score!  My workout continues!

The rest of today’s plans include going to lunch with my lovely grandmother, Mama, who happens to be turning 79 today, though you’d never believe it!

Me & Mama at my cousin’s wedding in Florida 2009.

Happy birthday, Mama!  Mama is a perfect example of someone who never judges anyone or anything, so I definitely aspire to possess this quality of hers (and many more!).  Now I’m off to enjoy the beginning of my summer vacation – judgement free.

What do you do when you find yourself making judgements?

13 thoughts on “A bagpipe, a birthday, and a judgement-free summer

  1. Aww good luck to your students, and happy birthday to your mama! 🙂 If I find myself being judgmental. I try to remember all the weird/annoying/quirky things I do… haha it helps put things in perspective!

  2. I actually cried during this post!

    Oh, Linz, you do not know how much I love you. I would have totally judged that situation just as fast as you, but you know what? I think I would have ended up enjoying it after all too. I love sitting there and just enjoying the scenery just as you did!

    Totally twins 😉

    Thanks for doing HFF 🙂 You’re amazing! But you already knew that 😉 Anyways, I like the nickname.


    Keep it up 😉 HA!

  3. My high school mascot was the highlander! So the sound of bagpipes brings back so many memories for me! Withholding judgement is hard for me too. Im learning to not judge others before getiing to know them. 🙂

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