Itz All Greek To Me

Jonny and I had quite the dinner last night.  We had plans to go to the Cardinals game with some friends.  Nachos, hot dogs, and pretzels are good and all, but they’re not exactly quality food.  Sometimes we bring food to the stadium and sometimes we go out to eat right before.  Last night we went out to eat since we had a Groupon soon to expire.  We went to Momo’s Ouzaria Taverna – a local greek place that we thoroughly enjoy.  (Though we always enjoy greek food.)  The weather was gorgeous and we sat on their porch for our early five o’clock dinner.

We’ve never gone during happy hour before, and we were pleased to learn they have $2 glasses of sangria!  We started with some humus which was served with pita, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, olives, and a jalapeno.  For our entrée, we both ordered the traditional gyro salad (dressing on the side!), and just for kicks we also ordered the grilled flatbread pizza.  I was stuffed afterwards, uncomfortably so.  The flatbread was definitely unnecessary, but once we got to the stadium, Jonny said he was hungry again!  What?!  Bottomless pit, he is.  So I promised him fro yo after the game.

Jonny and I stayed until the sixth inning when the Cards were down 0 – 1.  After we stopped at Fro Yo and ate our dessert, the Cards pulled off the win.  Yay!  Could fro yo be the lucky charm?

I think some more investigating will need to be done… I actually didn’t think I was going to want fro yo by the end of the game because I was so full from dinner.  But who am I kidding?  I always want fro yo!  And since we had eaten dinner so early, I did start to get hungry (again) by the time we got home.  It all worked out.  It always does with fro yo. 🙂  Good thing I workout.

Since yesterday included some strength training, today I kept it cardio only and sweated out during an incline treadmill workout followed by an ab workout.  Oh, and by the way – I’m choosing two more winnners for the Bob’s Red Mill Chocolate Chip Cookie mix.

Amanda Fox and Laurel C. – send me your mailing information within 24 hours to claim your prize.  🙂  Have a great day!

Are you a fan of ballpark food?  How about greek food?

23 thoughts on “Itz All Greek To Me

    • oh my gosh you’ve got to try greek food!! look for a groupon in your area… that’s the best way to try new places (for half the cost!)

  1. You seem so happy babe 🙂 Sounds like you had a great night! I saw your fro yo on Twitter last night and it made me smile 🙂 <3 I LOVE YOU

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