The 5K That Wasn’t

A post-race recap the day after?  I know, I know… you’re impressed with my timeliness.  I am too. 🙂  (Still waiting on those pix, Steph!)  I was definitely fueled properly from my veggie pasta dinner and my peanut butter banana cinnamon oatmeal breakfast.

I was really feeling the peanut butter.  This morning I asked Jonny what I should wear to race in (because wardrobe for races is very important).  I should have known better than to ask because he obviously replied with, “Your Miami tank.”  Jonny went to the University of Miami (aka “The U”) and to say he is obsessed with it would be an understatement.  I’m pretty sure Caitlin is the only one who understands because, from what I gather, her hubby is very similar in his obsession.  Regardless, I’m fine with it, especially because Jonny likes me to represent The U, as well.

I do love my U running tank.  And I always wear my peace sign necklace that Jonny gave me from Tiffany’s on our wedding night, too.  🙂  I sported my Lululemon black headband, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, and Mizuno Wave Rider’s.  I also rocked my Lululemon socks that read, “Run Fast.”

Hehe.  I take all the encouragement for running I can get!  The night before, I set out all my gear stuff that I would need, so I wouldn’t forget anything the morning of.

My i-pod shuffle that I’ve had since college.  It’s had the same 100 songs that I’m still not sick of since I don’t use it that often.  My SPIbelt that holds all the essentials.  My Garmin Forerunner 305 for tracking time, distance, and heart rate.  Last and least, a pack of sport beans.  I never eat these during short 3 miles runs, but I’ve had them leftover from this foodie penpal and I don’t have any super long runs coming up, so I decided to throw them in.  But I didn’t even end up eating them.  So now they’re back in my pantry.  Again.

The event was a relatively small one.  I’m not sure how many runners there were, but I’m guessing not even 100.  I had registered online, but bib pick-up wasn’t until the morning of.  Everything was super organized.  There was even a trainer leading a group stretch before the race started.  Someone in charge was describing the run to us since it was an out-and-back through some woods and there were several turns to make.  We were assured the race was marked, and before I knew it, it was time to run.

I felt good and stayed behind some girl in orange shorts and a white hat and top for the majority of the race.  I tried not to glance at my watch too often; instead, I enjoyed the scenery and kept a few short paces behind her.  On the last straightaway when the finish line was in sight, I gave it my all, sprinted passed the girl, and crossed the finish line.  I stopped my watch right after I crossed… Did I beat 30 minutes?

24:57 – wahoo!!!  Then I noticed my distance was only 2.91 miles.  Uhhh what?  I was confused and irritated as we were told this race was measured by somebody or something official and it was, indeed, a 5K.  I heard a couple of other people talking about the incorrect distance on their own tracking device, as well.

It wasn’t until I drove out of the park that I noticed a part where we should have gone straight, looped around, and then turned down the last straight away.  The course wasn’t clearly marked and I had just followed the people in front of me.  Darn, but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my running high since I was still quite proud of my time.  Instead, I turned my watch back on and sprinted til I reached 3.1 miles.

BAM!  Still under 30.  I’m very happy with my time since I have not been doing any crazy or consistent runs.  Another happy thing today is the anniversary of my wonderful in-laws.

Nancy & Jack at our wedding – October 2010

Happy Anniversary, Nancy & Jack! 🙂 33 years and still going strong!

Have you ever run a mis-marked or poorly marked race?

22 thoughts on “The 5K That Wasn’t

  1. Haha I was using my Nike + GPS for a “fun run” that wasn’t very well marked or measured… so by the end, I crossed the finish line but my gps said I had another .1 mile to go! So I just kept on going, and people we’re like “you finished! you finished!” haha it was pretty funny!

    Love your socks! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! When I run I just wear shorts, a shirt, shoes, and socks. Oh, and of course underwear. I don’t run commando! I don’t like to run with headphones so I can hear stuff around me. It keeps me from getting run over by cars or bike riders and I can hear dogs barking at me before they try to bite my legs.

    • i don’t always wear headphones but i figured i could use the extra motivation during the race… as for the commando thing… well… ok so i did wear underwear too

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  4. Aw man, I hate when stuff like that happens! I’m anal about my distance too, I love that you sprinted to cover the difference. 🙂

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