Teacher Appreciation Week

Just finished a lovely lower body workout.  I did super (or triple) sets of exercises with jumping rope for a minute in between.  (I love that active rest!) Check it out:

Lower Body Jump Rope Superset Workout

  • *Tripleset – Squat on Smith Machine: 70 pounds, 15 reps
  • *Tripleset – Calf Raise on Smith Machine: 70 pounds, 20 reps
  • *Tripleset – Plie Squat on Smith Machine: 70 pounds, 15 reps
  • ~Superset – Lunge with Barbell: 40 pounds, 30 reps
  • ~Superset – Deadlift: 40 pounds, 15 reps
  • *Superset – Hamstring Curl with Stability Ball: 15 reps
  • *Superset – Alternating Supermans: 30 reps
  • ~Superset – Hanging Leg/Knee Lift: 15 reps
  • ~Superset – Back extensions: 10 pounds, 15 reps

So in between each superset, I jumped rope for 1 minute.  For example, I did the squat, calf raise, plie squat, then jumped rope for 1 minute.  I repeated until I completed 3 sets of each exercise.  Tomorrow I will lift uppper body.

This past week was Teacher Appreciation.  On Tuesday, our PTO hosted a wonderful luncheon for our school staff which I captured in the last WIAW.  We really are so lucky and grateful for our PTO as they truly have students’ best interest at heart.  They are incredibly supportive of us and constantly do little things to show their gratitude.  Within the luncheon, they had this token of appreciation:

“Thanks for helping our children grow; please take a rose as you go.”  And they had a huge vase of roses displayed for us each to grab one on our way out.  So sweet!  This week’s High Five Friday is dedicated to teachers.  (Even though Meg is not hosting HFF this week since she is on her tropical vacation and road trip, I’m still participating!  But I’m very glad for Meg’s vacay!  And kind of jealous.)

Thank you, Teachers, for your hard work, compassion, and patience with students everywhere.  I do believe we are making a difference in the lives of children and, more now than ever, they need those positive role models and strong relationships.  A couple of fellow bloggers who are teachers deserve some recognition.

Clean Eating Chelsey: 5th grade teacher – I don’t know how you do it, Chelsey.  I love my third graders, but I can’t imagine teaching an older grade!  From your stories, you are obviously well-loved and such an effective teacher!

Powercakes by Kasey: Currently, completing (and finishing!) her student teaching in Health and Physical Education – even teaches her students Zumba!  What a fun area to get a degree in and what a positive influence you are making in helping students lead healthy lifestyles!

My amazing teaching team:  We totally rocked this year!  (I still can’t believe we have 9 days of schoo left!)  We all work so incredibly well together, have a ton to contribute, and are always there to support each other both professionally and personally.  And sometimes we like to wear wacky tacky clothes together.  We have a lot of fun together!

I know there are tons of other fellow teachers-bloggers out there, so for you: Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!  I do hope something special was done for you, no matter how big or small, just know that your hard work with students is making a difference.

What other teachers are out there?  What is your subject area/grade level?

15 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week

  1. Wantedt o wish you a wonderful day and thankful for these kids to have you as a teacher! You must be the best teacher 🙂 Congrats! (is that what you say?) haha. Oh and that workout looks intense! I love it

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