The Big {4}

{4} is the theme for today.  Why 4?  Jackson turns 4 today!  And I have four pictures to share.  Let’s start with the man boy of the day: Jackson Zane.  I’m his god-momma and just love him to pieces.

I love him so much that to keep him entertained on the long car ride during our family vacation last summer we put big boy undies on our heads!  I can’t believe he is four already.  We’re having a family celebration this evening at my parents to celebrate his big day.  Pics to come tomorrow once SCP takes them, edits them, and posts them.  The joys of having a photographer in the family. 🙂

Last night’s dinner was very random.  That big ol’ batch of beans and veggies made an appearance, but I needed to bulk up our dinner somehow.  Last weekend I went to the Farmer’s Market, so our fridge is loaded with veggies.  I steamed some cauliflower and sprinkled some cheese on top.  Then I roasted some eggplant with marinara sauce and cheese.  Eggplant pizza?  It was yummy.

Though everything with cheese on it is yummy.  Best part?  Leftovers for lunch today!  A couple of hours after we ate, Jonny said he was going out to get an oreo mcflurry.  I  kindly reminded him that it was Passover and oreos wouldn’t fly, so I suggested I make something cold, creamy, and delicious.  He was sold, especially since it involved him plopping back down on the couch to watch the Cardinals. 🙂  I made an ultra-thick vanilla-coconut protein smoothie that satisfied our sweet tooth and provided the extra protein our veggie-filled dinner lacked.

The weather here has been so ridiculously nice lately that I’ve been doing everything possible to take advantage of it.  Yesterday, Zoey and I went on a stroll around the neighborhood.  It was a crisp 60 degrees, but with the sun shining it felt warmer.

Blue skies, green leaves, and a shining sun.  Love it.  This post is coming full circle to share one more picture of the birthday boy with his daddy/my brother.

See you tonight, boys.  Happy birthday, Jackson!

Tell me something about the number {4}.  This is the fourth day of the workweek and the fourth time I woke up to workout.  Yay me!  🙂

9 thoughts on “The Big {4}

  1. the number four has always been my fav number 😀

    When I was four I started to cry on my fifth birthday because I “wanted to be four for the rest of my life” hahahahaha

    Happy Birthday Jackson!!! 😀

  2. Happy birthday to Jackson! 😀 That picture of you two with the underwear on your heads is so adorable! <3

    Hmm I bought four things last night: a tea from Starbucks, chia seeds, a box of tea, and quinoa!

  3. 2+2 = 4 (this only matters to me because 22 is my favorite number and I think thoughts about it often.) ALSO this year’s a Leap year, only comes around every 4 years! About me… Today I bought FOUR roma tomatoes! And I’d like to eat them all.

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