Matzo ‘n Eggs

Ever since Passover began (2 nights ago), breakfast has looked the same over here: matzo ‘n eggs.  Matzo ‘n eggs is a traditional dish prepared during Passover due to Jews not eating leavened bread, and, instead, consuming [a lot of] matzo.

Jewish lesson for the day: Matzo or Matzah?

  • Both words mean the same thing, itz just a different spelling.  Matzo is the Ashkenaz (of France, Germany, and Eastern Europe descent) transliteration while Matzah is the Sephardic (of Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Middle Eastern descent) pronunciation.  (source)

Being that my ancestors are from Russia and Poland, I am an Ashkenazi Jew.  Some Jews call matzo ‘n eggs “Matzo Brei” (translation: fried matzo), but my family always called it matzo ‘n eggs.  Also, matzo ‘n eggs doesn’t have to be eaten just during Passover.  It was always a treat when my mom or dad made it anytime in the year and we often requested it.  So now, Jewish or not, Passover or not, you will learn how to make this yummy dish!


  • 7 matzos
  • 3 eggs
  • splash of milk
  • dash of pepper


1. Run matzo under water to soften.

2.  Beat 3 eggs in medium-sized bowl.  Add splash of milk and dash of pepper.

3.  Break matzos and coat in egg mixture.  Let sit for a couple of minutes.

4.  Pour into sprayed pan and cook on medium heat until eggs are thoroughly cooked.  (Break them up and mix every so often as if you were preparing scrambled eggs.)

5.  Find your favorite toppings and serve!  My family always consumed matzo ‘n eggs with sour cream and jelly while Jonny’s family used syrup.  Now, I like mixing plain greek yogurt and strawberry chia seed jam.  Syrup is not bad either though. 🙂

There ya have it!  You learned some more about Jewish history, traditions, Passover, and a new recipe!

PS: Week 11 Day 6‘s workout involves 1 hour of cardio – your choice.  At some point today, that will be accomplished.  Once my matzo ‘n eggs digest!

What is a traditional meal you eat during the Spring?  (Passover, Easter, or other)  And to those celebrating: Happy Easter! 🙂

18 thoughts on “Matzo ‘n Eggs

  1. Great recipe, Linz. I add a pinch of salt with the dash of pepper during prep. Can we get a good recipe for matzo pizza later in the week, too?
    big brother

  2. You are so knowledgable 😀 I love your Passover posts <3

    I always have an egg on Easter 🙂 My family is doing everything else today though. We usually have ham and a bunch of other "Easter" foods, but I did my egg 🙂

  3. I love learning new things from you…so our next gathering I am requesting bagels lox and cream cheese and matzo n eggs! 😉

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