Weekend Things

  1. Friday night was spent hanging out with my almost-four-year-old nephew Jackson.
  2. My family teases me because I despise throw-up and spit-up and seriously can’t handle being around it.  Well, I was holding my niece Audrey and she started coughing.  My sister told me (jokingly) that she was going to spit-up.  I got nervous and passed her to my dad which warranted even more ridicule from my sister.  Eventually my sister took her back and Audrey projectile spit up all over her multiple times.  Take that, sis.
  3. Jonny bought and planted flowers in our backyard like he does every year and I kind of think it’s adorable.  Spring is officially here. 
  4. I got to watch my best friend try on her wedding dress.  I’d post a picture, but I think she’d probably kill me since her wedding is not until June. 🙂
  5. One of my sorority sisters came in town who I haven’t seen in over a year.
  6. We shopped for six hours.
  7. I bought a new green workout top for $10.
  8. And a sexy coral-colored dress which I need to find something to wear it to.
  9. My sorority sister and another friend (who is due to compete in her third figure competition in two weeks!) went out to dinner on the Hill
  10. Itz supposed to be 90 degrees today.

What did YOU do this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. Shopping for 6 hours… now that sounds like MY kind of day! 😉 I seriously never get sick of shopping haha.

    This weekend I made dinner with a friend, went out for fro yo, went to a BBQ, and worked on 3 different presentations I have next week. 😛

  2. I also did some shopping, but sadly I’m not a big of shopping. I find I get frustrated by not being able to find what I want immediately! Nevertheless, it did turn out okay and I got some items I’d been “needing.” 🙂

    • i don’t go shopping often and i when i do i am a fairly fast shopper myself… occassionally i can hold out for long shopping endevours with friends 🙂

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