Foodie PenPals: March

Itz the end of March and you know what that means…

Foodie PenPals Reveal Day!  Thanks to Lindsay (great name!) at The Lean Green Bean for organizing this awesome fiesta.  Foodie PenPals is exactly what it sounds like: random people/readers/bloggers becoming penpals and sending each other fun foodie items.  (Click here for more details.)

The Lean Green Bean

This month I sent a package to a reader named Debbie.  We communicated via email a few times and I learned she eats healthy.  I wanted to put together a fun box with hopefully new-to-her items that would stay consistent with her healthy eating habits.  I went to Trader Joe’s for many of the goodies because I know that store varies greatly from state to state.  In her thank you email to me, she was thrilled because it turns out there is NO Trader Joe’s near her.   Yay!  Go me!  (I love when I can be proud of the gifts I give! heh heh)

Jeremy at Stellar Path was my foodie penpal.  I’m not going to lie; when I read that I was going to be getting a package from a guy, I was quite intrigued.  I was so curious as to what he’d send.  Afterall, my last foodie penpal package was ultra girly complete with heart-shaped pink measuring cups!  Shortly after the match ups were sent, I received an email from Jeremy that read, “Are there any dietary restrictions/allergies/food preferences/pertinent info/blood type/shoe size/favorite or hated foods that I need to be aware of?”  Funny guy!  I replied with all of the necessary information and was astonished when I opened the box:

Yeah, that’s right… Jeremy sent me a Louis Vuitton!  Ok maybe not quite the Louis Vuitton that I had hoped for, but this sure had me cracking up!  After Jeremy’s initial email, I answered his questions and also added other pertinent information: I prefer Louis Vuitton handbags versus Gucci.  Just sayin’.  So he made me a Louis Vuitton card.  Hilarious!  Another clue that we would get along just fine in real life was the outside of the package he sent me:

Go green!  A man who recycles – fantastic!  I was already so happy at this point that it didn’t really even matter what was inside the box, but the goods inside were pretty stellar, too.

How can you go wrong with anything chocolate and peanut butter, much less Girl Scout Tagalongs?  And yes, I did photograph them outside because I was totally loving the greenery in our backyard and the beautiful weather.  The remaining items:

Those pita bites were unbelievable!  I’d like to tell you how phenomenal they were to use for dipping, but they were consumed before any dip was brought out.  Jonny and I both thoroughly liked the garlic ‘n chive flavor along with the crunchiness of the bites.  I haven’t tried the Thai Sweet Potato Soup, but I’m excited because I haven’t ever had sweet potato soup of any kind before.

The peanut milk chocolate bar… well… you see I opened it one evening while sitting at my computer and intended on just having a couple of squares.  I even broke off a couple and wrapped the chocolate back up.  And then I opened it again and did the same thing.  And again.  And again.  And before I knew it the whole bar was gone.  Whoops!  So I guess that tells you what I thought of the bar… Larabars?  Oh yes.  Cherry Pie was a new to me flavor and it was as good as it sounds.  Larabars in general are always a hit, but this sweet fruity flavor satiated my snacking appetite as well as my sweet tooth.  Thanks, Jeremy, for that great package!

In my opinion, a major perk of Foodie PenPals is being introduced to new people, new blogs, and new readers.  Jeremy and Debbie, it has been nice to “meet” you!  Be sure to check out this page for a full review of what everyone sent and received.  And if you want to take part in the fun (which you should) next month, head on over to this page and get yourself signed up.  But do it quickly because the next match list goes out on April 5th.  Happy Friday, friends! 🙂

Which do you prefer: Louis Vuitton or Gucci?

22 thoughts on “Foodie PenPals: March

  1. i wonder where you can find pita bites in stores? those look really tasty. as for handbags, i’m more of a my-mom-makes-quilted-bags-so-i-use-those kinda gal. 😉

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  3. Ooooo girl I love me some LV!!!!! I have the newest LV bags all over my vision board to keep my personal goals high and gorgeous 🙂

    What a fun idea!!


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