There was no laying out that happened yesterday because of the darn cold temperatures, rain, and clouds, but we were still happy to be on vacation!

Between rains, Jonny and I did venture out for a short walk.  We were determined to be outside for at least part of the day!  I did get in a workout on the treadmill which I was quite pleased about.  I ran a total of 4 miles during an incline run/walk treadmill workout.  This was the first time I had run in quite some time since I have been so busy with the LiveFit workout program. 

Becca and I killed some time during the rain by hitting up their local enormous mall.  I came back with two dresses, a shirt, and a pair of wedges.  (Meg, I did go back and get them!)  Sucessful shopping trip.  Lucky for me, Becca has an extensive nail polish collection, so during some of our time indoors I painted my fingernails.

I initially planned on only making my ring fingers sparkly like the Diva Katie, but I liked the sparkle so much that I went ahead and did it to the rest!  And I’m on spring break, so I thought I could have my nails be a little more fun. 🙂  Last night the four of us went to a great little pizza place called Crust.  The pizzas were seriously enormous; so big that the waiter only brought out half of the pies at a time!  I think we were all feeling a little silly from being cooped up most of the day, but we sure had a blast at dinner!  Even the boys who normally aren’t camera fans played along.

Goofballs.  Robbie and Becca introduced us to the game of “Slice!”  Let me explain because it is super complicated.  Apparently Becca invented this game with her two-year-old niece.  All it entails is making a slicing motion on any part of a person’s body while calling out “Slice!”  From some reason Robbie doesn’t think it’s quite as comical, but as the night went on it just got funnier.

Luckily there weren’t too many people in the restaurant and our boisterous behavior didn’t bother anyone.  When we were finished, I kissed the man outside good-bye and we went to get fro-yo for the second time this weekend.

Last night’s fro-yo was even better than our first nights!  I opted for a huckleberry and cheesecake combination.  Cheesecake is usually a flavor I get when it’s available and this was definitely one of the better cheesecakes I tasted.  The huckleberry was new-to-me and is now on my “favorites” list.  So good.

Thank you, Yumberi!  With all that pizza and frozen yogurt, it’s a good thing I’ve still been making time to workout while on vacay.  Today marks the beginning of Week 3 for Best Body Bootcamp and I have another positive report!  My goals of drinking water and plating my food are still going strong.  I plan on continuing these goals for Week 3.  Plating my food is especially important while I’m on Spring Break since I’m home a lot more and much more likely to eat out of the bag/container. 🙂  I took two rest days last week as I was busy preparing for our trip and just not feeling the sweat sessions.  Sometimes our bodies just need more rest than one day and we’ve got to respect that.  I did still manage to get in the required five days of activity.

In other exciting news, I wrote a guest post for Annette who blogs at Enjoy Your Healthy Life.  Annette and I grew up together and she is actually the one who gave me the final push to start my own blog.  It was an honor writing for her, so you should definitely check out my guest post and leave some love over there.

Don’t forget: You have two more days to enter my Tofu Press Giveaway.  And you better enter or you might get SLICED! 😉

16 thoughts on “Slice!

  1. OH MY GOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I always always always get cheesecake flavour too!!!!!!!!!!

    Linz 🙁 We would totally be bff’s 🙁 I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Cutest pic of you ever, too!

    Thanks for the shout out 😀 I am so happy you got the shoes 😀 WAHOO

  2. I love those nail colors! I am in love with the nice light ones for Spring time, so fun. And YUM to that fro yo. I always go for cheesecake, too. I mean, how can you beat that?!?

  3. Yay for spring break and vacation!!!

    So glad you are enjoying yourself and love the polish colors! I would of done them all glitter too, it looks way cuter with that combo!

    I exercise way less when I am on vacation, I like to just enjoy the time I have!

    Have a great day love! <3

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