Sunny Saturday

Happy Saturday!  We are thoroughly enjoying our vacation so far.  I mean when the night ends with fro yo it’s hard to go wrong.

I finally got my fro yo that I had been craving!  After dinner we stopped at Zoyo.  I couldn’t decide on just one flavor, so I got a little of the four that sounded the best: Cake Batter, Peanut Butta, Coconut, and Oatmeal.  Amazing combo topped with sprinkles (of course) and three delicious chocolate raspberry candies – SO GOOD!

For dinner we went to Z’Tejas, a southwestern grill.  It was packed, so we naturally had some photo fun while waiting at the table.  Getting the Itzko boys to smile and open their eyes is quite a challenge.

Brotherly Love

After several attempts, we finally got a good one!  Isn’t Jonny’s shirt amazing?  My parents brought it back from their recent New York trip and it’s part of Lacoste’s Limited Edition Jonathan Adler collection.  And I love how the blue croc matches Robbie’s shirt pretty perfectly.  Brothers with style. 🙂  Love it.  Of course, us gals captured some pics with our studly men!

It was a fun night indeed!  Now we are off to begin another day full of G and T and some sunny Arizona weather.  Jonny and I have, of course, been up for awhile now, so we are going to take their dog, Bobo, on a walk.

Not a bad site for a daily dog walk, eh?  I don’t think so either.  🙂 Happy Saturday!  And I guess Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too!

Any plans for today?

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12 thoughts on “Sunny Saturday

  1. oh my goodness! did you go to the zoyo and z tejas on Tatum & Shea?!?! that’s right where my parents live! i love both of those places and miss them so much. glad you’re having a great time! soak up the AZ sun for me! 🙂

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