Foodie PenPals: February

Do you like getting presents?  Do you like food?  If you answered yes to either of the questions, then you should definitely sign up for next month’s Foodie PenPals!  I’ll tell you more about it after I show you some of the cool stuff I got.  Danielle from Foodosaurus Rex sent me an awesome package!

The little cup-size salsas were not only cute, but so practical!  And they helped with portion control.  Note: when the salsa is gone, it’s time to stop eating chips. 🙂  The Back to Nature Sunflower Basil crackers were quite the hit around here, too.  I really like how they are 100% natural and include sunflowers.  (My last foodie penpal sent me sunflower snacks, as well.  Is this a theme? I’m ok with it.)  The crackers were tasty and flavorful on their own, with the salsa, or with any dip.  Speaking of snacks…

Jelly Belly Sports Beans are my go-to during long distance runs.  I haven’t run in forever; maybe this is a sign I need to start again?  Hmm. The Pure Apple Cinnamon Bar is another new-to-me snack and the website states that it’s like a “healthy slice of apple pie.”  Fine by me!  Something else that’s fine by me?  Candy.

Trader Joe’s has the best goodies!  The stores must vary vastly because I definitely did not see either of these items in my Trader Joe’s store.  I really love the dark chocolate peanut butter cups.  And dark chocolate is healthy.  So those candies were healthy.  Right? 😉  Possibly my favorite part of this month’s package was inedible, if you can believe it.

The reason why this was my favorite part of the package was that it lasted for more than half a second.  Hehe.  It was obviously perfect to include in February’s penpal box being the month of looooove and all.  I am not a decorative person by any measure, so these measuring cups are a nice festive touch to our kitchen!  And I really love hearts and pink, so they will really be perfect all year long.

Gosh, Danielle, you did good.  Really good.  I kind of think that Lindsay secretly hand picks all of my matches because, seriously, I always get the best partners!  To see what I put together for this month’s foodie penpals click on over to Heather’s blog.

Have I convinced you yet?  Remember those two questions I’m sure you answered “yes” to at the beginning of this post?  Ok, here’s how YOU can get involved.  It’s super easy and super fun and totally worth it.  Anyone can get become a part of Foodie PenPals.  Bloggers, readers, anyone.  All you have to do is email Lindsay at by March 4th and let her know your name, email address, blog (if applicable), and twitter name (if applicable).  On March 5th, she will send out an email with the pairings and some other details.  Then the fun begins.  The spending limit is $15 and you put together a package and stick it in the mail by the 15th that your partner will enjoy.  After that, you check your doorstep every single day until your package arrives because you are just that excited.  Oh, is that just me?  Whatever.  It’s awesome.

What’s the coolest package you have ever gotten in the mail?  [If you don’t have an answer, then that’s even more reason to sign up for Foodie PenPals!]

22 thoughts on “Foodie PenPals: February

  1. Rumor has it North Texas is about to get a TJ soon. Makes me happy since I’m tired of being jealous of so many people with thier amazing edibles from there!

    What did you think of the sport beans? They gave out samples at the 5k I did 3 weeks ago but I never tried them.

    • ah! you should be SO excited!!!! i really like the sport beans… whenever i purchase them for a race, i get the kind with caffeine in them because that works for me. plus they taste good! 🙂

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