{10} Confessions

Confession #1: Friday was Records Day at school, so we had no kids and worked on report cards all day long.  My teaching team went to Brio for their awesome happy hour and some adult beverages.  (Seriously, best happy hour ever – $2.95 appetizers!)  Between the five of us, we shared Roasted Garlic, Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Margherita Flatbread, Beef Carpaccio, and a Shrimptini.  Everything was delicious, and the company was even better.  We had a blast hanging out and stayed for a few hours.  Too many of these were consumed:

Dirty martini with Grey Goose vodka and blue cheese stuffed olives.  I really enjoy this drink occasionally and I definitely got my fix on Friday!

Confession #2: Due to my hangover feeling a bit lousy, I requested an egg McMuffin and hash browns from {GASP!} McDonald’s.  I know, I know, major healthy living blogger FAIL.  Considering I indulge in fast food maybe twice a year, I was kind of ok with it.  That is, until I went to the gym and Jonny’s trainer commented, “Working off that McDonald’s, eh?”  I have a new name for Jonny: Big Mouth.

Confession #3: My sister threw a completely over-the-top Olympic-themed birthday party for her 3-year-old, Jacob.  It was absolutely adorable and included homemade, laminated, personalized placemats with gold medals for the kiddos, water bottles that read “Go Team USA! love, Jacob,” retro-style red, white, and blue straws to go in the water bottles, American flags, jump ropes, red and white swirl lollipops, and Team USA jelly beans as the party favors, “I love USA” stamped napkins, Olympic rings cake, popcorn (a spectator treat) and fruit loops (rings like the Olympic ones) for the kids, and one happy 3-year-old sporting jeans with the England flag (that is where the Olympics will be held this year!) and an “I love USA” sweatshirt.

Stephanie can plan my future kids’ birthday parties any day!

Confession #4:  I am so completely and entirely happy that my parents are enjoying their newly retired lifestyle and had a blast in New York.  I am also extremely happy that they are back in town and took Jonny and I to dinner last night.  I love my parents.

Confession #5: I ate the biggest scallop of my life at Bristol when my parents took us out.  It was accompanied by mashed potatoes and asparagus and even the waiter said he was jealous.

Confession #6: It is Jacob’s 3rd birthday today and I still haven’t gotten him a present.  Bad auntie.  But I am going today and will hopefully find something in time for his family birthday dinner tonight.

Confession #7: I am excited to have finished Phase 1 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Trainer and am pumped to start Phase 2 tomorrow.  Which brings me to my next confession…

Confession #8: Tomorrow is President’s Day, so I get the day off work. 🙂

Confession #9: It is currently 11:08 a.m. and I have still not showered from my 8 a.m. workout this morning.  I’m going now.  Maybe.

Confession #10: I love Jonny.  Even if he does have a big mouth.

What is something YOU want to confess today? 🙂 Come on now, don’t be shy!

13 thoughts on “{10} Confessions

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  2. Your nephew has some serious style! Though I’m certain he isn’t buying his own clothes, he knows how to rock the looks! 🙂
    What a cute idea for a party!
    My confession – I TORE through a jar of dark chocolate cocoa spread in about three days. Thankfully, I skipped the info on the side panel that said how many servings were in the jar. I’m thinking about two and that makes me feel better 🙂

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  4. I came across your blog while searching for ideas for my son’s olympic themed birthday party this summer. It looks like your sister did a great job!!! Do you think she would be willing to share some of the things she did at your nephew’s party? It looks like it was a blast!!!

    • sure! well you can see the invite and the cake in the photo… she made placemats for all of the kids and on them was a gold medal with their name on it and stamps that said “i love usa!” for food she had little things of popcorn (spectators snacks!) and she created labels for the water bottles something about training and being at jacob’s birthday party… party favors were bubbles, jump ropes, and frisbees! 🙂 oh she also bought these vintage looking red white and blue straws for the kids water bottles and gave each kid an american flag.

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