Don’t Make Me Go

I don’t wanna go!  I don’t wanna leave this place!  It is truly a paradise out here and being able to spend time with Justin is a huge bonus.  We are thankful to have had several amazing days, and now we know that we have to come back and visit.  Justin has been out here for two and a half years, and we certainly won’t let that much time go by before we visit again!  Going to a warm and sunny destination in the middle of the St. Louis winter?  Best decision ever!

Justin, Dana, and Lauren all said that we had to try an Acai Bowl when we were out here because they are so good.  They are very popular out here and we found one spot that was close to where we were staying.  We tried one for the first time as a snack one day, then went back the following day for lunch!  What is an Acai Bowl?  Basically, it is a smoothie with acai (a superfruit) sprinkled with fruit and granola.

When we went back for lunch, I ordered a Pitaya Bowl.  I learned that Pitaya is another superfruit that has slightly less sugar than acai.

I love learning about and trying new foods!  I’d never even heard of pitaya!  Some smoothie places in St. Louis do have acai smoothies, but I think we need to bring the bowls to the Lou!  Plus, you can order them so many different ways!  There is a variety of mix-ins and toppings (all healthy), so you can switch it up.

There was something on the menu called a Tree Hugger Pitaya Bowl.  Obviously, that’s the one I ordered.  In the bowl: spinach and ginger blended with pitaya, topped with hemp seed, granola, bananas, strawberries, flaxseed, and honey.  SO GOOD!

Jonny was totally loving his acai bowl!  I finished my meal with a wheat grass shot.  Hehe.  I love all the healthy options in San Diego.  St. Louis could definitely learn from San Diego as St. Louis is like the 98th in worst places to live (fitness/health related) in the United States. (source)  Luckily, we can all make our own choices. 🙂

Good bye, San Diego.  It’s been real.  We’ll be back.

Have you ever had acai or pitaya?

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