Anniversary Flight

We made it!  Here in San Diego where the temps are mid-70’s and the sun is shining!  I worked yesterday and was anxiously waiting the end of the day.  My mom picked up Jonny then headed to school to get me and take us to the airport.  When we checked in, the woman caught wind of the fact that we were celebrating our one year anniversary.  (By “caught wind,” I mean that I told her. 🙂 )  We boarded our flight and landed seats in the second row with an open middle seat.  Score!

on top of the clouds with a beautiful sunset

It was quite the connecting flight we had!  We flew from St. Louis to Kansas City (about an hour) and then to San Diego (about 3.5 hours).  The flight attendants were pretty comical when going through the standard safety precautions.

“During take-off, your seats need to be in the upright position – the most uncomfortable one.”  And finishing with, “If we can do anything to make your flight more enjoyable don’t bother, I mean hesitate, to ask.”  Funny stuff.

After the safety demonstrations were shown, the flight attendant asked if there were passengers by the name of “Itzkowitz.”  Jonny and I raised our hands and she announced our one-year wedding anniversary and presented us with a bottle of Korbel champagne.  And then she proceeded to tell us we couldn’t open it on the plane.  What a tease!

Klassy Korbel

When we landed in Kansas City, we stayed on the plane and then were on our way to California.  We had new flight attendants and when a man was doing his opening spiel he announced, “We feel we need to inform you that we are carrying some items that are other airlines don’t carry.  We feel it is our duty to tell you.”  His serious tone was beginning to worry me, just a tad.  He continued, “Folks, on board tonight, we are carrying 55 free bags.  We don’t charge for checking bags.  Some other airlines, I won’t say the name [whispers: Spirit] even charge for carry-ons!  You all saved the equivalent of $2,090.  Here at Southwest we never charge to check a bag.”  Thank you, Southwest!

Speaking of checking bags, I packed one fairly large suitcase with both of our stuff and we carried another one on.  (Too much?)  When my mom lifted our large one out of the trunk of her car, she exclaimed how heavy it was.  I gave it to the guy checking our bag and he told me that Southwest did have a weight limit.  I was aware of this, but didn’t think our bag exceeded the 50-pound maximum.  He placed the suitcase on the scale and the meter read 48.5.  We made it!

Now we are off to enjoy some of what San Diego has to offer and spend time with the little brother and his girlfriend.  Updates and pictures soon to come.  Be jealous.  I’ll leave you with the view from our room:

Do you have any good airline stories?

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