Weekend Wrap-Up

It was a fun weekend celebrating 50 Years of Love.  I am completely and totally stuffed as all of the events were centered around food.  Friday night dinner.  Saturday brunch.  Saturday dinner.  Sunday brunch.  Sunday dinner.  Lots of food.

On Saturday, a couple of the girls and I tried to squeeze in a manicure before brunch.  Well, we did, but we ended up being really late.  At least my nails looked good. 🙂  I chose OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark color.  I bought this color last year and love it during the winter time.  My nails are very short and I think dark colors compliment short nails nicely.  Plus, it was fun to have some girl time at the nail salon.

Speaking of girl time, some of the out-of-towners that came in for the weekend were Jonny’s brother, Robbie, and his girlfriend, Becca.  They live in Arizona so we don’t get to see them as often as we’d like.  The last time they were in was during Thanksgiving.  However, we do have an upcoming trip scheduled for my spring break to visit them!

It’s always nice when all the boys are able to get together for some quality father-son time!  Pictured above: Jack (Jonny’s dad), Robbie (Jonny’s brother), and Jonny.  I think Robbie and Jack look so much alike, whereas Jonny gets his looks from his momma!

Now that the weekend is over, I am ready to get back to a more normal eating and working out routine.  Well, for a few days anyway.  We are going out-of-town on Thursday evening to visit my brother and his girlfriend!  I did actually manage to squeeze in one quick workout session on Saturday, but Sunday I was way too pooped to do anything productive!

Gotta workout to look this good!

My plan for this week will be to lift weights on Monday and Wednesday and do cardio on Tuesday and Thursday.  Lifting weights usually gets put by the wayside for me because I feel like lifting weights takes longer than cardio, so I am reluctant to do them in the morning.  If I get up to workout, it is always cardio.  Although I did do some resistance training exercises on Saturday morning (get er done!), but that was because I wasn’t on a time schedule!

Since I limit myself to lifting weights after school, I am more likely NOT to do them because something always comes up or there are errands to run or dinner to cook.  Hence, the reason I like my morning workouts is because there is nothing that can get in the way besides my own self not waking up.  Maybe I need to change this thinking?  Well, not today because today my plan is to go to the gym after work.  We shall see.

Here’s to a new week of eating clean and indulging in decadent foods a bit less!

When do you workout?  Before or after work?

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