Green Balls

Green Balls.  Pink Spoons.  White snow.  (We got our first snowfall last night!)  My my my, this has been a colorful week! 🙂  My classroom got something new…

Green Balls!

The third grade teachers requested stability balls for all of our students… And our wish was granted!  We are extremely grateful for the balls because we know they are expensive, but we think it will be very worth it.  There are TONS of benefits from sitting on stability balls instead of the traditional chairs and studies are popping up all over the place to back this up, for adults and kids alike.  Are you aware of the many benefits?  If not, you can read this, this, this, or this.

Sitting on a stability ball requires you to engage your entire core; hence, leading to strong abdominal muscles.  Another bonus is better posture.  You physically can’t slouch on the ball because you’ll fall off!  Plus, it forces you to work on your balance which is always a plus.

Isn’t it distracting for kids to be bouncing all the time?  Actually, no.  When we first got the balls, the students definitely were enamored and wanted to see how high, how fast, and how much they could bounce.  Then we set up some ground rules.  The past couple days have been awesome!

How much is too much?  One important rule that was established is that if the ball is interfering with their work, then they may choose (or I can help them make that choice) to sit in their chair.  Or stand.  I have never been a teacher that requires kids to sit.

Kids need to move.  I know that and I respect that.  Frankly, the stability balls are a great solution!  It allows students to get their wiggles out, while still remaining focused on and engaged with their schoolwork.

What are your thoughts on stability balls?  Do you sit on one at your desk? 

11 thoughts on “Green Balls

  1. SOOO cool, Linz!! I love that you advocated for this!

    I did sit at one at my desk–and it helped a lot–but I had to be careful not to slouch–and the desk HAS to be the right heighth or else it hurts the shoulders–otherwise, I am ALL for it! your kiddos are SO lucky 🙂

  2. Love it linz! I’m so happy you got them I seriously need to plan a visit….I’m actually in development II so I have to observe older kiddos this semester! Love you!

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