Itz A Change

Sunday: the last day of the weekend, a day to relax, a day before another work week begins.  Sundays are usually my most productive weekend day as I spend them doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning up the house.  This Sunday will be no different.  They usually end with a great meal at my in-laws and I heard we’re having brisket tonight. 🙂 Sundays are good days.

The housewarming party I went to last night was SO. MUCH. FUN!  There was a combination of family and friends there, heavy on the family side.  Sometimes family parties are even better than friend parties.  This was the case last night.  Angel bought a new really cute condo (YAY!) and so we all celebrated with good food, great company, and GAMES!  I love playing games and the game of the night was Catch Phrase (one of my favorites!).  “Boogey Woogey” might have stolen the show.  Or the barbeque sauce.  “Churches!” (said 800 times.)  You wouldn’t understand if you weren’t there.  Sorry.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was due for a hair appointment.  My uncle owns a fabulous salon in St. Louis called Preston Salon Spa.  This is a high-end salon that has been open since 1980!  The team at Preston always makes you feel like royalty (they take your coat, offer you wine, and wait on you hand on hand!) and each and every stylist is incredibly skilled at what they do.

Look at those roots! AH!

I was looong overdue for a hair appointment!  Embarrassingly so.  Yvette is who helped me out yesterday.  She was awesome as we chatted about her extensive career as a hair stylist beginning in South Africa, then London, lastly Chicago, and currently St. Louis!  I was confident she could get the job done.

All foiled up!

During the fall and the winter, I always go a tad darker.  But yesterday, I was thinking, “Itz time for a change!”  I branched away from being a fake blonde…

Ta – da!

…to being a brunette!  This is much closer to my natural color (which I haven’t been since I was 14 years old!) and the maintenance will be a lot easier.  When the color was finished, my Uncle Steve trimmed my hair.  Every time I look in the mirror, I like my hair more and more.  Itz definitely a change, but a change I love!

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