family is everything

Family is everything.  Simple as that.  Family makes everyone happy.

william smile

Especially this little guy.

It takes a village to raise a child.

I’ve experienced this firsthand even though William is just two weeks old.  He came three weeks early unexpectedly.  I had my baby shower the Sunday before which was just four days prior his arrival.  The night before I went into labor, my mom had been at my house for four hours helping me sort through gifts and decide what would go where.  She took home a laundry basket full of clothes, sheets, and towels to wash while I was at work.  I panicked when I went into labor.  Partly because I had no idea what to expect, but also because we had nothing ready.  Sure, we had our furniture, but there weren’t sheets on his crib, the bassinet wasn’t set up, the car seat was not installed, and most stuff was still in boxes and bags.

My mom spent a good twelve hours at the hospital with me during my labor and delivery.  My dad spent a good chunk of time, as well, but he was also busy running around town from store to store preparing our house for William.  He installed our car seat bases in both of our cars.  He built our bassinet.  He fixed a million things in our house.  He cleaned our house and scrubbed our garage.  He did a lot more than just that, too.  The following day my mom spent the entire day in our home organizing and getting William’s nursery ready.  Words can’t even recount everything they did and they would never want to be recognized for their selfless work.  But I know what they did and how much time and effort they put into it.  And I can only hope they know how much I appreciate it.

william oh my

If my momma wasn’t such a procrastinator, maybe she would have been more prepared for my early arrival.  Oh my.

In addition to getting our house and William’s room ready, my mom has done anything and everything I’ve asked since he’s been here plus more.  Including coming to my house at eleven o’clock at night his first night home when I was frantic and couldn’t get him to stop crying.  She’s come over countless times, so I could take a nap for a couple hours.  She’s even come over when William pooped and peed all over himself and I was too scared to give him a bath for the first time by myself.  I literally couldn’t ask for better parents.

Everyone in our family has been awesome.  Mama has come over to help me around the house, bring food, hold William, and give me words of wisdom about what to do with a newborn.  Papa calls consistently to check up on William and ask if he’s ready to throw a baseball.  Poppy gets the biggest smile on his face when holding William.  Grandma Adelaide came to visit and bring us lots of food.  Daddy Bob gets to meet William this morning.  Jonny’s parents stocked our fridge when we were at the hospital, have brought us dinner, and love to hold William.  Jonny and I literally have not cooked at all in two weeks as we’ve received so much food from our dear family.  We’ve been overwhelmed with kindness by both our families and William is lucky to be so loved so soon.

Oh, and William actually has three moms. ;-)

steph mom william

Haha.  My mom and I stopped at Stephanie’s house after William’s first doctor appointment and we discovered that my mom and Stephanie had on the same shirt.  Naturally, I made one of them let me borrow their shirt for a picture.  When we sent the photo to Jonny, he remarked, “I thought I only married one of you.  Guess I must be a stud!”

My mom and my sister both have taught me so much about being a mom.  Stephanie has answered my million questions during my pregnancy, labor, delivery, and first couple weeks of William’s life.  I called her at six o’clock in the morning when I went into labor asking, “What is going on?!”  She slept over the second night William was home and took care of all his diaper changes, so I could try and sleep a little bit more.  She’s obviously taken a million and one pictures of William already, but she’s also given me lots of Jacob’s newborn clothes as William was too small to fit into most of what we had.  I can only hope I grow into half the momma that my mom and Stephanie are!

William is learning that family is everything, too.

jonny family

Jonny has been amazing.  He’s done everything possible for me and William to make us as comfortable as can be.  He follows me around with my water jug to make sure I’m staying hydrated.  He holds William the second he gets home from work and kisses us both good-bye in the morning.  He’s been there for me through my tears of frustration with breastfeeding to all of William’s smiles.  I’m proud to call him William’s dad.

We love our new little family.  Family is everything.

Are you close with your family?

Leading Lady Nursing Bras and Tanks

I thought given my breastfeeding post yesterday, I would continue the boob talk with a new mom essential: nursing bras and tanks.  But real quick, how about a little peek of William:

william baby bird

photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography

You know I couldn’t go a whole post without showing you our little man!  And I have lots more amazing photos coming.  Stephanie has taken some incredible pictures of him outdoors (as pictured above), as well as some studio shots.  Stay tuned.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, I knew getting nursing bras was something I needed as I’d planned on breastfeeding.  I learned about Leading Lady and after browsing the website, I knew I wanted to try their nursing bras.  I reached out to them to inquire about a potential review and we set something up.  Interestingly enough, my package arrived the Saturday we came home with William from the hospital.  Talk about good timing!

Leading Lady has a large assortment of nursing and maternity bras.  I knew I wanted wirefree (as opposed to something with an underwire), and they graciously sent me three nursing bras and one nursing tank.

leading lady

1.  Seamless Wirefree Nursing Nursing Bra (style 477): This is by far my favorite of the three bras.  Itz the most comfortable; when I was engorged, I slept in it. (I don’t typically sleep in bras.)  There are also removable pads for added coverage, if needed.  I took them out as I’ve just been home, but when I start leaving the house more, I’ll probably put them back in.  If you were to only purchase one nursing bra, this must be it because of the level of comfort.

2.  Molded Seamless Wirefree Nursing Bra (style 454): This bra is perfect for everyday wear when leaving the house.  There is a bit more structure and it fits great under all tops.

3.  Molded Seamless Lace-Frame Wirefree Nursing Bra (style 405): If itz possible to feel sexy while nursing, itz because of this bra. The fit, comfort, and coverage is identical to the previous bra, but the lace adds a very pretty touch.

4. Modern Square Neck Nursing Cami (style 4044): Love this! There’s enough support to where I don’t have to wear a bra as there’s a built-in bra.  I also love that the tank is not super tight and a bit loose in the belly area which is perfect for post-partum.

All of the bras and tanks are incredibly easy to clasp and unclasp with one hand.  Since I nurse William using one hand, itz very convenient to be able to have easy access with my other.  Leading Lady bras are also so reasonable in price ranging from approximately twenty to thirty dollars.  They run sales and if you sign up for their email list, you receive additional discounts.  I had looked at several other sites and stores, and all the nursing bras were considerably more expensive.  While I did receive these items to review, I’ll most likely be purchasing a couple additional bras and tanks because of how much I love them.  As a new momma, the last thing I want to worry about is a stinkin’ bra, and Leading Lady totally takes care of that.

Mommas: Where is your favorite nursing bra / tank from?

My First Week of Breastfeeding

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed.  My mom breastfed all of us and my sister breastfed her two kids.  There has been a lot of research conducted showing how beneficial breastfeeding is.  That being said, breastfeeding doesn’t work out for all women for a variety of reasons, and the important part is that babies get fed.  Knowing I wanted to exclusively breastfeed, my biggest concern prior to William’s arrival was having a sufficient milk supply.  Besides that, I didn’t really worry too much.  Like everything else with being a first time momma, breastfeeding hasn’t gone exactly as planned.  William is getting my breast milk exclusively, which I am happy about, but the actual nursing part is much harder than anticipated.


I’ll share my experience of my first week of breastfeeding.  Since William was born at 6:17 on Thursday evening, I’m calling that day “Day 0.”

Day 0: I put William to my breast within the first hour of his birth during our skin-to-skin time and I’m happy to report he latched on right away! It wasn’t for a long period of time, but he did it and I felt immediate success!

Day 1: Breastfeeding went well and I was feeling confident. I was utilizing the nurses in helping me have William latch on and I met with the lactation consultant.  She was impressed by William’s strong sucking ability.  I knew he was strong as he had bruised both my nipples and breastfeeding actually hurt.  I thought it was painful because I was just getting used to it, but it turns out he had an improper latch, so the consultant helped me fix that.  Jonny and I kind of laughed (immaturely) as she explained how to get a proper latch.  She explained that you need to kind of squeeze your boob (using a “c-grip”) to compress your nipple and make it like a “submarine sandwich.” (her words, not mine)  Then you really shove the whole thing in his mouth when itz open ensuring it goes back far enough and he doesn’t get just the nipple part.  I felt like I was getting the hang of it, but still asked the nurses to help as I wanted to learn as much as I could from the experts while we were in the hospital.

Day 2: Different story than day 1.  William was super fussy all day (later we learned he was pretty gassy), so he was not nursing very well.  This was a domino effect because he was fussy, so he wasn’t nursing. Then he was hungry and getting frustrated which made latching even more difficult.  I met with the lactation consultant again and explained I really didn’t want to formula feed, if possible. She suggested I start pumping to ensure he was getting enough. This was especially important for William since he was born so small (5 pounds 2 ounces).  While I wasn’t thrilled at the idea of pumping so early, I preferred this instead of formula feeding. Per her suggestion, each time I tried to feed, I nursed William for as long as he wanted and then pumped for ten minutes and gave him everything I produced.  At this point, I literally was pumping just a few milliliters and we fed it to him out of a bottle nipple, so he could practice sucking.  It seemed as though every time I put him on me, he fell asleep.  He didn’t have the energy to nurse which can be typical for early babies.

william yawn

Day 3: This was our first day at home, and I was growing concerned as William wasn’t feeding from me very well.  It was obvious he was preferring the bottle since itz easier for him to get milk from and I was worried this pattern would last.  My mom kept reminding me that the important thing was that William was getting enough to eat.  I tried googling how to get him to feed from me better, and something I read said to put him on your boob every two hours.  So all throughout this day and night, every two hours I tried to nurse him, pumped for ten minutes, then fed him what I got.  Talk about exhausting!  This literally consumed every moment and I was frustrated, worried, and upset.  Throw that in to an already hormonal mix, and lots of tears were shed.  I could tell my milk was starting to come as I had been pumping greater amounts and the consistency was changing.

Day 4: My milk officially arrived!  It came fast and I was super engorged.  My boobs were HUGE – bigger than just typical nursing breasts.  They were rock hard and so sensitive.  It felt like I had a boob job.  It hurt to do everything, even walk or raise my arms.  I tried using a hot compress on them; I tried icing them.  I felt no relief from anything and was miserable.  This was also our first doctor appointment with William’s pediatrician.  I explained him my breastfeeding situation and told him how I was mostly bottle feeding my breast milk.  When I told him how I was trying to nurse and pump every two hours, he told me that was not practical to sustain and to relax a little.  He said William could go up to five hours without eating, so if he’s sleeping, let him sleep.

When we left the hospital, William weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces and on this visit he weighed 4 pounds 14 ounces and the doctor was very happy with his gain. (This is also why he said I didn’t have to wake him to feed him.)  This made me feel a little better about bottle feeding because I knew he was getting enough.  I went to google again to see how to reduce engorgement because I was so uncomfortable.  Something I read said that you don’t want to pump too much because that signals your body to continue making more.  Since I was so full, I decided to reduce pumping time to five minutes instead of ten.

william sleep

Day 5: I called the lactation consultant because my engorgement was still present and I was not happy.  When I told her how much I was producing after just five minutes of pumping, she said I had to pump longer as five minutes was clearly not giving me any relief.  They usually suggest people pump for fifteen to twenty minutes.  Increasing the time to ten minutes was magical and I instantly felt relief!  I couldn’t believe how much milk I was producing, but was happy as I know some women struggle with this aspect.  I was still very upset and frustrated by the fact that William wouldn’t nurse from me.  My sister Stephanie suggested I take a break from breastfeeding and only give him bottles – just at night, so I could get some sleep.

The lactation consultant also explained that because William was born three weeks early, his suck-breathe-swallow reflex may not be completely developed yet (our pediatrician mentioned this, as well).  Typically, when babies are in the womb, their sucking really develops between weeks 38 through 40.  Since William was born at 37 weeks, because of his gestational age may have had something to do with him having trouble nursing.  She told me to keep trying and just because I was bottle feeding did not mean that he would never nurse.  He may just need a little longer to learn.

Day 6: My engorgement was under control and I was really hoping William would latch.  I was producing a ton of milk and began freezing bags as I wasn’t going through as much as I was pumping.  I tried to put William on my breast again without much luck.  I kept giving him plenty of opportunities to nurse, but it was hard to find a good balance since he was sleeping so much.  When he was really hungry, he wanted nothing to do with my breast since he was mad and screaming.  It was almost worthless to try during these periods, so instead I tried to put him on during the few times he was awake throughout the day.  Sometimes he would take a suck or two, but mostly he would just fall asleep on me.  It was as though he was using my breast as a pacifier and would just sleep with it in his mouth.

Day 7: Pretty much the same as day 6.  William wasn’t really taking me, but I was pumping a crazy amount and William was eating like a beast.  His pediatrician called to check up on him and asked how much he was eating.  When I told him almost two ounces at a time, he was very impressed and confirmed that bottle feeding was the right choice at this time.  He also encouraged me to continue putting William to breast to let him try which I did keep up… just without much luck.


That’s my first week of breastfeeding, but I’m going to give you a few extra days of progress because itz just that – we’re making progress over here!

Days 8 & 9: Pretty much the same.  William would latch on for a couple sucks and that’s about it.  However, on day 9 William did nurse for a solid SEVEN MINUTES!  This was huge and I felt on top of the world.  It was in the evening time and just before I was going to make him a bottle when he was still calm.  I still made a bottle, but he took barely any of it which meant he probably got a decent amount from my breast.  YES!

Day 10: Not many good latches, but still eating like a champ from bottles.

Day 11: (Yesterday) We had another doctor appointment and William weighed a whopping 5 pounds 8 ounces!  Our pediatrician was very impressed with William’s weight gain!  This made me feel good about my decision to bottle feed as William gaining weight and eating enough has always been my primary concern.  Funny enough, William nursed much better yesterday than he had been!  He had another good seven minute stint on the boob before falling into a very deep and peaceful sleep.  TWICE!  Several other times throughout the day, he nursed for a minute or two which doesn’t seem very long, but it was longer than just a suck or two as he was doing before.

My whole point of this post besides writing it down, so I can remember my journey in the future? DON’T GIVE UP! I knew breastfeeding would be something I had to stick with, even if it didn’t go as well as I would have liked – which it didn’t.  I’m feeling more confident, and as William grows older and bigger I think he’s getting the hang on if it more.  Like all good things, for me it just took time.  If you’re someone dealing with some of these same struggles, don’t give up, keep at it, especially if your baby was early like William.

Whew, long post.  I’m done, friends!

william linz

I love you so much, little man!

Thoughts or advice for breastfeeding?

Life With A Newborn

Wow, has life changed!  Life with a newborn is totally and completely busy all.the.time.  I wouldn’t change a darn thing though.  Jonny and I are both already so in love with baby William, we can’t seem to get enough of him.  I’m going to do my best to get back to blogging on a somewhat consistent basis, but I know you’ll understand if I miss a day or two.  (Sorry for messing up your morning routine, Dad, and Hi Poppy! I’m back! hehe)

All photos in today’s post are taken by Stephanie Cotta Photography.  She just takes too good of pictures not to share.  Eventually my posts will be filled with my own more amateur photos once Stephanie stops taking ridiculously adorable pictures of William.  But seeing as she demands to see him everyday and always has her camera… it may be awhile.  And we’re ok with that. For now, follow me on Instagram to see some of my own candid shots.

william sleep

Sleep.  What is that?  People weren’t joking when they said sleep when you can because you won’t get much of it when lil man arrives.  I knew sleep would be limited, but I figured I’d still get several two to three hour chunks of sleep at a time.  Ha!  William may be getting between two and four hours of sleep at a time, but not momma!  I’m nursing, but having to pump my breast milk, as well (more on this in a coming future post), so it definitely makes everything take longer.  I’m slowly figuring out how to manage middle of the night feedings.

One night I tried changing William’s diaper before feeding him since he always wakes up during diaper changes and falls asleep while eating.  As you can imagine, that just meant I had to change his diaper twice each time he was up since every time he eats, he goes.  I’m sure once I really get the hang of him waking, feeding, pooping, burping, and me pumping, he’ll totally change again and I’ll have to figure it out all over again.  Bring it on, baby!

yawn hospital

Stephanie obviously took this photo in the hospital.  I was mimicking his yawn because William’s yawns are the cutest things ever.  Like everything else about him.  The little sleep I did get in the hospital was deceiving since I had him stay in the nursery both nights and the nurses brought him to me when it was time to nurse.  They sure made it easy!  William sleeps in a bassinet right next to our bed, so I had planned on just picking him up and nursing him in bed and the keeping diaper changing supplies right there, too. But since I have to pump anyway, we get out of bed and walk next door to William’s nursery.

And actually I was even more spoiled coming home from the hospital because the first night I felt pretty frantic around eleven at night and called my mom to ask if she would sleep over. She was over in an instant and helped me through our first night. (My mom is AMAZING!) Then my sister came over the second night. They did all the diaper changes and brought the bassinet into the spare bedroom with them so I could get some sleep.  It was much appreciated because being exhausted is a bit of an understatement and two hours of uninterrupted sleep is magical.  The last several nights we’ve been on our own, and like I said before, we’re still figuring it out, but itz all good!

jacob audrey william

My niece and nephew Jacob and Audrey are so in love with baby William.  They can’t seem to get enough of him and want to hold him all the time.  Not pictured is my other nephew Jackson who is also in love with William.  He even offered to change his poopy diaper and told my mom and me, “I’m six! I could do it; I really can!  I can just plug my nose!”  Haha, such a helper!

Life with a newborn is hectic, but I love every minute of it.  Itz marvelous, indeed, which is precisely why I’m linking up to Healthy Diva’s Marvelous in my Monday today!

Oh, and napping with a newborn? They say to sleep when he sleeps.  Let’s just say I’m still majorly working on that.  At night, itz no problem.  During the day though, I feel like I have so much to do!  I know my primary job right now is take care of William, and I just need to remind myself of that. We’ve been very fortunate to have tons of people bring us food, so that has not been a worry at all. Jonny has taken over the laundry department which has helped, as well.  I do need to get better at napping when he naps though.

Baby hair. So soft. Perfect coloring. Lots of it. Mmm.


Every part of William is perfect.  In the evening Jonny and I sit together with William and just stare at him.  We take turns commenting on how cute and perfect every inch of him is.  And baby noises?  Oh my goodness, his little moans and groans are too adorable!


Like all newborns, William sleeps more than he’s awake, but when he’s awake we talk, laugh, sing, read, and hang out.  We listen to music and sing along.  We talk about our day and who we saw.  We talk about all our family and friends who love William.  I can’t say it enough: we love him.  We love every little thing about him.  He’s perfect.

Mommas: What was the hardest part about adjusting to life with a newborn?

Urban Maternity Photo Shoot

Why am I posting an Urban Maternity Photo Shoot when William Jack was born last week? Well, coincidentally, when I gave you the sneak peek on Thursday, that happened to be the last post before Baby Itz arrived! I have a few more photos I’d like to show you, so that’s precisely what I’m going to do today.

Now let me give you some background on these pictures because they are probably the most different maternity photos you’ve ever seen. My sister Stephanie Cotta Photography wanted to do something incredibly unique. So she gave me a maternity gown, put a flower halo in my hair, and we drove to the Delmar Loop area in St. Louis.

urban maternity

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

Dealing with infertility was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do.  But you know what? None of it matters now that William is here.  The heartache, pain, frustration, and tears are not forgotten; instead, they are so very worth it.

urban maternity3

Itz funny that these pictures were taken the Sunday before William was born on Thursday. We were thinking we still had a few weeks left with that little baby in my belly.  We couldn’t be happier though that he’s here now!

city maternity photoshoot

Stopping traffic. This was the photo taken in my sneak peek. Lots of you asked if it was photoshopped. NO! You see what I’m wearing. I literally pressed the cross walk button and waited for my turn to walk while Stephanie was squatting on the other side snapping away.

Was I self-conscious during these photos?  Surprisingly no.  The gown was really long, so when we were walking from location to location, I bunched it up and covered myself. Several people asked if it was my wedding day.  We laughed when my belly bump came out. Yes, people stared. People gawked. People made comments. People wanted to know what in the world we were up to. But it was all positive, I kid you not. People thought it was awesome. And that’s exactly how I felt.

Also, I’ve always trusted Stephanie. When she has a vision, itz best to go with it because of her creative eye and photography talent. When discussing this photo with others, some people called it fierce while some thought it looked out of place. We’re glad people think itz different.  Every woman is different. Every woman’s experience is different. Itz who we are and itz important to be proud of that – no matter what. That’s how I felt walking through the Loop with my belly bump and barely there gown.  I was growing a tiny human being inside of me, and regardless of what I looked like, I was darn proud of how far I’d come.

urban maternity2

Major thanks to Stephanie for these photos and for all of you for your constant support.

much love.

Introducing William Jack

Introducing William Jack!

introducing william

Thank you so much for your warm wishes on our new bundle of joy.  Obviously we have been more than busy around here in the best way possible, so today I’m just going to share some photos from William’s first day into our world while Jonny and William are snuggling on the couch together.  I was lucky enough to have my sister Stephanie in the delivery room (along with Jonny and my mom!), so she documented the whole thing. I’ll share more during our birth story post which will come…. at some point.  For now, enjoy the cuteness!

~ All photos by Stephanie Cotta Photography ~

My first look at William and I couldn’t be happier. He’s perfect.

william first look 1

The kid proved his strong lungs right away!

william first look

After an hour of skin to skin, William got all cleaned off.

william bath

And he rocked the mohawk.

william mohawk 1

Coolest baby hair ever.

william mohawk

I could stare at him all day long (and I do!).

william curtain

Proud daddy.

william jonny

Being a baby is hard work!

william yawn

So completely and totally in love.

william linz

Cutest baby ever!



stopping traffic

My mom came to our house for over four hours last night helping me tackle some of the tasks on my baby to-do list.  We got a lot done, but ended late, so I don’t have a lot of time to blog because this pregnant momma needs her sleep! Instead of a full post, I’m giving you just a sneak peek of an epic maternity photo shoot that happened over the weekend in the Delmar Loop in St. Louis.

stopping traffic

city maternity photoshoot

photo by Stephanie Cotta Photography

Stay tuned. More to come.

What would you caption this photo?

creamy crunchy parfait

You all are the best, you know that? I really appreciate all the advice on my post from yesterday on what I still need to do before Baby Itz’s appearance. Let’s just say that things are getting very real very quickly and lil man will probably be here before his expected due date. I’ve been crazy busy and will continue to be until he comes with all of the preparation that still needs to be done. Deep breaths… Deep breaths…

Food lately has been…. undocumented (unlike my pregnancy – ha!).  I’ve eaten lots of good food recently, too; I just haven’t been snapping the camera. Last Friday, Jonny and I went out to a terrific little Jamaican restaurant with Jonny’s parents. Saturday night included barbecue at my parents. Sunday was my baby shower and Sunday night was a delicious dinner out with my family.  And this week? Well, itz been whatever is fast and easy.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas, cinnamon, and peanut butter.


Itz comforting, easy, delicious, filling, need I say more? And itz a recycled photo, but it all looks the same anyway!

My snacks at school yesterday morning included an orange and popcorn. Random.

Linking up to Peas & Crayon’s What I Ate Wednesday!

I felt like I’d been eating pretty heavy lately, so yesterday for lunch I wanted something on the lighter side. That’s how this delicious creamy crunchy parfait was born.

creamy crunchy parfait

Creamy Crunchy Parfait

  • 1st layer: cottage cheese & walnuts
  • 2nd layer: strawberry yogurt & hemp hearts
  • 3rd layer: plain Greek yogurt, honey, & almonds

Itz creamy. Itz crunchy. Itz healthy. Itz delicious. ‘Nuff said.

I order the hemp hearts from Use my referral code VAJ523 to save money!

Fiber Love Bars recently came out with two brand new flavors: Coconut Macaroon & Apple Crisp and sent me a couple of each to try. Yesterday while I was hooked up to the baby monitor, I was feeling a little snacky, so I opened the coconut macaroon bar.


LOVE! I love love love coconut flavor anyway, and this bar was the bombdotcom, like seriously. (All is good with Baby Itz, by the way!) It reminded me of the inside (the good part) of an almond joy. It was super moist, and honestly just so good. I haven’t tried the apple crisp, but if itz as moist as the coconut macaroon, then itz gotta be great!

Dinner was brinner last night. I made eggs for Jonny and I had a bowl of cereal. I wasn’t super hungry since after my doctor appointment I went all snack-monster at my parents’ house. When hunger rolled in later in the evening, I had a bowl of frosted mini wheats. Can’t really ever go wrong with cereal, eh?


Yes, I use a lot of milk. And yes, I even let my cereal sit a bit so it gets soggy. I like it.

What’s your favorite cereal? Are you a soggy cereal eater like me?

36 Weeks Pregnant | To Do List to Prepare for Baby

Itz time to nest! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and today I’m making a to do list to prepare for Baby Itz because time is ticking, and lil man will be here before we know it. I had a beautiful baby shower on Sunday and the women were more than generous with gifts. Now I’ve got to get organizing and washing and all that goodness (with the help of my own amazing momma, of course!). But first things first, let’s cover the bumpdate details and then we’ll get into the specifics of what must get done.

36 weeks pregnant

Bumping right along!

Baby Itz: 36 Weeks

Baby’s size? Head of romaine lettuce.

Maternity clothes? LOVE! The white lace maternity dress I wore to my baby shower was from Seraphine. I’ve gotten a couple other dresses from different places that I’m looking forward to wearing soon, too. I’m most excited about this warm weather that we better be having during our so-called “spring.”

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep: Not awesome. Saturday morning I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to bed. Usually I wake up frequently throughout the night, but am able to fall back asleep. I also had a really busy weekend, so I’m feeling exhausted. Hoping to get some good sleep.

Best moment this week: My baby shower! (Full recap soon to come, promise!) In case you missed it: read my sister’s heartfelt baby shower speech: The Top 10 Reasons Why I Know Lindsay is Going to Make an Amazing Mom.

Miss anything? Not really. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m totally digging this pregnancy thing. <– SAME

Movement: Still so much movement! My belly gets lopsided at times when different parts are sticking out. Yesterday he was really under my ribs (or so it felt) and it was the first time I felt uncomfortable. I was like dude move outta there (just my ribs, not my womb)!

Food Cravings: No cravings, but I’ll be happy to eat sushi and raw cookie dough again (not together – ha).

Anything making you queasy or sick? No.

Gender: BOY BOY BOY!!!!

Labor Signs: Nope.

Symptoms: I was trying to fix a couple clasps on my shoes over the weekend, and I had some difficulty bending down to reach and see my feet! That was a first! And I may or may not had Jonny pull off a pair of tight pants the other day…

Belly Button – in or out?  I think this is the first week I can classify it as a full outtie. Check out the picture above – itz poking through!

Wedding Rings – on or off? On!

Happy or Moody? Happy!

Looking Forward To: My doctor appointment this afternoon. I’m going every week now…



My wonderful mother has been and is always incredibly instrumental in helping me organize and prepare for whatever stage of life I’m in. Throughout my pregnancy, she been to just about every doctor appointment and has run all around town doing odds and ends. She’s spent hours at my house helping me clean out the baby’s room and begin to organize. She’s gone baby furniture shopping and registering. She and my dad came over yesterday when we were at work to hang the curtains. I know I couldn’t do it without my mom.  So, Mom, here’s our list that we’ll tackle over the next couple weeks (and I promise I’ll do some of it on my own!).

To Do List to Prepare for Baby:

  • wash, organize, and put away bedding, towels, and clothes
  • get carseats installed in my car and Jonny’s
  • clear out space in the kitchen for bottles
  • change rocking chair pillows (I bought a rocking chair, but didn’t like the pattern on the pillows, so I ordered something more neutral)
  • find a rug
  • pack a hospital bag (I haven’t made it further than making that list)
  • buy nursing bras and tanks
  • set up bassinet
  • prepare baby book
  • buy diapers and wipes (almost for that one!)
  • purchase additional essential items from registry

Well, that list doesn’t look too long, but I still feel like I have a million things to do! My breast pump is ordered and should be arriving soon, so that’s another big thing take care of. I know that list is loaded even though it looks short, but I still feel like I’m forgetting something major? Am I?

What else do I need to do before Baby Itz arrives?